Broken Garage Door Pittsburgh

Before, garage doors are lifted or dropped using our bare hands, which some people find exhausting.

Thanks to wireless technology, we can now use a garage door opener to automatically open or close the garage door even at a distance.

But what if the door opener suddenly malfunctions? It can cause damages or injuries, especially when an object or a child is in the path while closing.

The moment that you experience a broken garage door opener in Pittsburgh, Garage Door Pitt is at your service to solve the problem right away.

But, how can you know if you need a garage door repair? Check out these common issues with garage door openers:

Power Issues

Of course, automatic garage doors need electricity to operate.

So if your garage door opener is not working, even at numerous press, check out these power-related problems:

  • There is a power outage in your area
  • The remote batteries have depleted
  • The motor unit is disconnected from the outlet
  • There is a short circuit or a blown fuse

Examine your electric connection if these are the problems.

If not, call a garage door technician to find the exact issue.

Reception Problem

A garage door opener uses a frequency to open and close the panels at a certain distance, usually 50 feet away.

If the garage door does not respond no matter how many clicks on the remote, then a problem with the reception might be the cause.

Old units use a 390 MHz frequency, which is now outdated.

Modern garage doors use a 315 MHz frequency.

Some even upgrade to a dual or tri-band frequency to improve the reception.

For better reception, let a professional technician install a new circuit board or an external receiver.

Garage Door Keeps Reversing

A garage door has a force setting, which is the pressure allowed before the motor switches off.

If it reverses its direction even before or immediately after hitting the floor, adjustments are necessary.

But before adjusting the force setting, try to lubricate the garage door’s track to lessen the friction.

If it doesn’t work, follow the instructions in your unit’s manual to adjust the force setting.

Usually, you just need to turn a screw.

When in trouble, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from expert technicians.

Garage Door is Not Moving

If there are no power issues and your garage door is still not responding, there could be damages to the system’s parts. Here are some ways to find and test the problem:

  • Again, check for the force setting or the limit switch. It operates the garage door when to stop closing or opening.
  • Look for a flashing light from the sensor. A safety sensor prevents closing your garage door when there is an obstruction under the door’s path. So, look for anything that can block its sightline.
  • Examine the rollers. Rollers are often susceptible to rust and damage. These can cause greater friction along the track, which will result in the garage door being immobile.

After identifying the problem, call a trusted garage door service company to solve the opener’s issue error-free.

Top-Rated and Budget-Friendly Garage Door Services in Pittsburgh

If you have a broken garage door opener in Pittsburgh, Garage Door Pitt will gladly assist you.

With years of experience and thousands of clients served, we take pride in our top-rated and efficient procedures.

We always prioritize our customers.

So, we make sure to conduct garage door repair, installation, and inspection at the most affordable and reasonable rates.

Get a quote with us, and we will provide a thorough list of our services tailored to your needs.

Wide Range of Garage Door Services in Pittsburgh

We can provide services to residential and commercial establishments without limitations.

Our team is always available 24 hours a day for all of your garage door concerns.

Our services include but not limited to:

Expect us to arrive at the earliest time possible, equipped with the appropriate protective gear and tools.

Get the best and the brightest team of technicians for your broken garage door opener in Pittsburgh.

Contact us, and we promise to fulfill your needs.

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Michael Williams

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