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    Broken Garage Door

    Garage doors are an essential part of your home, especially for your garage.

    When it malfunctions and stop working smoothly, there is something wrong.

    Will you buy a new one or settle for repairing it?

    Reasons for the garage door or overhead door repairs and installing a new one are different.

    In Pittsburgh, our garage door repair company is one call away to check the issue and give an expert opinion on what you should do.

    Below, we also compiled garage door problems that may aid in deciding between replacing and repairing.

    Garage Door Problems That Are Repairable

    There are the garage door and overhead door problems that do not require a replacement.

    Merely calling our garage door repair company is a solution.

    We will send professional technicians that could fix the problem within a day or two. There is no need for total replacement.

    However, what garage door problems are repairable?

    When Your Garage Door Starts To Feel Heavier

    Garage doors and overhead doors are heavy, but it is not supposed to feel heavy when rolling it up and down.

    The springs are part of your garage door that allows you to lift the doors smoothly.

    However, these springs can worn out as time pass by.

    This circumstance makes your door heavier and almost impossible to lift.

    A broken spring may need a repair. We highly recommend contacting us for professional assistance with this problem.

    Springs are easy to fix, but because springs hold tension that could be released at once, bodily harm is unavoidable.

    It is best if you let our garage door repair company handle this problem.

    When Your Garage Door Stops Working Suddenly

    You are about to go out, and your garage door or overhead door starts acting up and stops malfunctioning out of nowhere.

    You may think of this issue as a garage door emergency.

    However, it is not. This problem is fixable.

    Considering that it is the first time it breaks down, the error must only be on one part of your door.

    If your garage door is not working even after checking the batteries, remote control, and electric supply, the problem might be inside the door.

    If the damage extent is only to a single part, such as the springs, it is fixable.

    Contacting our garage door repair company here in Pittsburgh would be the best choice.

    We diagnose and repair on the spot.

    Garage Door Problems That Requires Replacement

    Not all garage door problems are repairable, and sometimes it is more reasonable to replace and install a new door.

    Replacement of garage doors and overhead doors happens when you are experiencing the same problems for quite some time now.

    Below are things you should consider before replacing them.

    When Your Garage Door Is Old

    Garage doors last for decades, but it could lead to wear and tear, a problem resulting from everyday use of the product.

    This problem usually happens after decades of service.

    You may consider a garage door repair if your door’s age has not yet reached the ten-year mark.

    If it does, we are recommending a total replacement.

    Replacing an old garage door with a new one saves you from experiencing the same problem every time.

    Issues such as multiple panels become weak and rusty, or the door stops working regularly, can be a reason for replacement.

    When The Impact And Damage Is Extreme And Heavy

    In Pittsburgh, accidents happen from time to time, leaving significant damage.

    Incidents such as vehicle collisions, impact from strong gusting winds during storms and even damaged doors from intentional destroying require immediate replacement.

    The extent of the injuries done on your door would be multiple and massive, making it impossible to repair.

    If you experience this, do not think twice; this is a garage door emergency.

    We suggest you contact our garage door repair company, and we will help you install a new garage door or overhead door.

    When Your Garage Door Ceases From Functioning

    This garage door problem only happens after a long time that your door remained unchecked.

    Multiple issues may be undetected that contribute to your garage door or overhead door to cease functioning altogether.

    It would help if you considered your door’s age and how long the problems existed before calling our garage door repair company.

    In this situation, a total replacement of your garage door is the only option. And we can help if you.

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    Michael Williams

    Michael Williams

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