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    Changing Old Electric Garage Door Opener

    If your garage door opener happens to be older than you, passed from your previous generation to you, or outdated, you are in the right place.

    Garage door repair in Pittsburgh is widespread, however, we assure you we offer the best garage door repair services around.

    We are confident in helping you upgrade your garage door opener, from an old electric one to a more technology-dependent smart door opener.

    Why Should You Change Your Garage Door Opener

    In case you are asking, is there a need for you to change your garage door? The answer is yes, mainly if it is not functioning well.

    There are also reasons that you should consider if you are planning for an overhead door repair or garage door repair.

    First, it drives away unwanted persons and intruders.

    An unfixed garage door opener is always easy to be bypassed, especially by persons who are planning to steal from you.

    Do not hesitate to consider calling our garage door repair company. We are always open to assist you.

    For Purposes of Security and Comfortability

    Second, it gives you and your family a sense of security and safety.

    You need not worry about unfortunate events that may happen, which may harm you or your property if your garage door opener or overhead garage door is up to date.

    If the garage door emergency might occur, calling a garage door repair company is always the right choice.

    And the last reason you may consider is it gives you the comfort you need in your home.

    Worry no more about the noises and creaking sounds that wake you up during your sleep at night or disturbs your peaceful morning.

    This reason is a garage door emergency and is an obvious sign that you need a garage door repair.

    Removing The Existing Garage Door Opener

    In overhead garage door repair, there is a specific process with orderly steps to follow.

    If you are wondering how we fix your garage door, we recommend reading the following steps thoroughly.

    These steps will not give you an idea of how our garage door repair company resolves your dilemma and know what to do in the future.

    The first step in changing overhead doors is to make sure your electricity was cut from your garage.

    This step is crucial in avoiding electrical malfunction to happen, which could harm people who are around.

    We make sure that your health is also our top priority.

    Second, we also have to unplug the garage door opener.

    This step includes removing the old garage door or existing overhead door through loosening the brackets from being secured to the ceiling, and gently placing it down.

    We can then loosen and remove the bracket on the door and the bracket above the door through an open-ended adjustable wrench.

    Installing The New Garage Door Opener

    The next steps to follow in an overhead door repair or garage door repair is to install the bracket that comes with the new garage door opener, with the aid of a screw gun.

    And then we will secure the track into the bracket, sliding it, and using a wrench to keep it in place.

    This step is then followed by screwing the new motor into the existing breaks up in the ceiling with the screw gun’s help.

    After doing so, we will be connecting the lifting arm from the door to the track.

    Then on the inside of the garage, we will wire the keypad on the wall.

    We will run the wire, and connect it carefully to the new garage door opener motor.

    Meanwhile, on the outside part of the garage, we will keep the wireless keypad and mount it with a screw gun.

    And then, we also must mount the electric eyes on the inside of the garage.

    Take note that it should be at least about 6” from the floor.

    The last step would be to plug the motor, and let the power run through it once you turn on the main electricity switch.

    Successful Repair and Replacement

    If your newly installed garage door opener is functioning smoothly, that is where we can conclude that our garage door repair company is successful in helping you.

    Garage door repair in Pittsburgh is something that we offer with confidence in an error proof outcome.

    Therefore, if you are from Pittsburgh, know that we are always open to guide you.

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    Michael Williams

    Michael Williams

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