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    Childproof Your Garage Door In Pittsburgh

    Childproof Your Garage Door In Pittsburgh – The safety and security of the children is our top priority both inside and outside of the house.

    If our garage door has a malfunction it can be a threat to children.

    Our garage door is the heaviest object in our home so it is very important to keep the children safe from our garage door.

    Toddlers,kids or children love to play and if they are in the garage can lead to danger of having a serious injury or even death from the malfunction of a garage door.

    Aside from teaching our children about the safety tips and rules it is also very important to know the cycle of the overall system of our garage door to help our children to have knowledge about the dangerous areas of our garage door.

    Our garage door is prone to danger so it is important to have safety precautions which can help the safety of our family.

    It is important to have guidance and supervision to the safety and security of the children.

    By talking or teaching the children about the safety tips and lessons for keeping them safe and secured while playing around our garage door.

    The rules and effective conversations to our kids on avoiding the dangerous situations that might happen around the garage door can lessen any serious injuries.

    Also by purchasing a good quality garage door has safety features so we can expect a smooth operation of our garage door.

    The garage door repair company in Pittsburgh helps to childproof our garage doors like the A1 garage Doors Repair Service, citywide Garage Door Co, Dan Emma Garage Doors, Emergency Door Services, EZ Garage Door, Steel City garage Doors and many more.

    Below are the lists of how we can help to childproof our garage door.

    The Photo-Eye Sensors of Our Garage Door

    Photo-eye sensors is one of the most important components of garage doors.

    It is very important to our children to understand that this sensor which is the small electrical component is the safety feature on our garage door and must be aligned to function it properly.

    The photo-eye sensor prevents from crushing anyone when doing an opening and closing of a garage door.

    It is very essential for the children to know not to play with this sensor and even move or cover the photo-eye sensors.

    It is not right to play the photo-eye sensors because it can damage the beam and can stop the function properly or not working anymore.

    If we notice our photo-eye sensors have a malfunction we can immediately contact or call the garage door repairmen.

    If the photo-eye is not working the first thing we should do is by wiping gently the lens of the photo eye.

    By having a regular cleaning the lenses every month is a good way to maintain the photo-eye sensors.

    Mechanism of our Garage Door Auto-Reverse

    It is a quick reversal of the directions of our garage doors especially when we encounter a problem.

    The auto-reverse mechanism is one of the causes of the malfunction of our garage door and it is also causing serious injury or death.

    Remember our garage door is the heaviest thing we have in our home and because of the pressure of our garage door can lead to any accident.

    It is important to contact or call a garage door repairman to fix this kind of garage door issue.

    Dislocation or Displacement of the Door Opener

    If our garage door creates noise or opening or closing slowly then the problem is the opener.

    Unpleasant sound is a huge red flag that our garage door opener is ready to replace or install a new one.

    We need to check the broken brackets and rollers before we buy a new garage door opener.

    Also we need the help of garage door professionals to help us to fix, replace or install a replacement with our garage door opener.

    When the door opener is aligned it has an ability to operate and work effectively.

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