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    Childproofing A Garage Door In Pittsburgh

    Our garage is one of the places in our house where we often spend our time, so it is also often used as a children’s playground.

    Children often play in the garage because it is one of the most playable areas in your home.

    They can play hide and seek there, chase each other, and climb on objects in the garage they can climb like shelves.

    The garage indeed is one of the favorite places of your children because they enjoy it.

    However, the garage is also the most dangerous place for the child because of the amount of equipment placed on it, which they can interfere with and cause an accident.

    Therefore, a homeowner needs to maintain the security of their children.

    They need to make their garage childproof, like some parts of their house.

    Here are some tips you can do to make your garage child-friendly.

    Make sure to always check the state of your garage and the equipment located in it.

    To avoid accidents that can happen to children, make it a habit to inspect the entire garage.

    1. Make sure your garage door opener works properly and reverses when a child is detected.
    2. Please make sure all doors and trunks of your vehicle are closed before leaving them in the garage.
    3. Make sure motorcycles and bicycles do not fall on children, and mainly lock up all power tools.
    4. Ensure children do not open the place where they can hide in the garage door, such as cabinets, refrigerators, washers, and dryers. Make sure it is all closed properly.
    5. Please make sure the coolers are water-free as children can drown in them.

    Keep children away from things that can cause harm

    It is natural for children to be curious and tamper with the items in your garage.

    We know that most of the items out there are dangerous things that a child should not interfere with because there is a high probability that they will be in danger.

    So one thing homeowners should keep in mind is to keep these items away from children.

    1. Make sure your garage door opener remote is located in a high area and out of reach of children.
    2. Hide keys that can activate vehicles and power tools.
    3. Please make sure the lawn tools are out of reach of children and do not fall on them.
    4. Also, make sure that children do not have access to sharp objects in the garage.
    5. Also, make sure that the screws, nuts, bolts, and clamps are hidden so that the children are not tempted to play with them.
    6. Keep your gyms and sports equipment out of the reach of children.
    7. Keep matches in a safe place.
    8. Make sure the buckets are upside down, and there is no water to accumulate.
    9. Ensure the fuel, paint, cleaning solution, pests poison, paint thinner, paint remover, and all chemicals are adequately sealed, tightly closed, and out of reach of children.
    10. Avoid putting chemicals in beverage containers such as milk or juice containers as this can cause confusion in children and may think it can be drunk.
    11. Do not use mothballs in the garage as it is toxic to children.

    Educate your children

    As a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your children to be careful and avoid things that could harm them. Teach them something they should not interfere with.

    1. Give them a warning of what might happen if they do not obey the things you said.
    2. As a homeowner with children, we should have the best garage and garage door.
    3. To avoid such situations, you can make rules about things you can and cannot do inside the garage.
    4. Let them know what things they can not interfere with and play with.

    If you think your garage and garage door are not useful anymore, you can call our garage door company, and we will give you the best services.

    If you are currently residing in Pittsburgh, we offer garage door rebuilding that is child-friendly.

    Do not hesitate to contact us and check our garage door adjustments offers.

    We will make sure that you will have a good experience with these services.

    Your concern for your children’s safety will undoubtedly be reduced with the quality of our garage door.

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    Michael Williams

    Michael Williams

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