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    Storm-proofing Garage Doors

    Garage doors are a must, we all know that. And so are garage door openers.

    Without a good garage door opener, garage doors tend to break easy, thus, engaging to more repairs than usual.

    The big question is, how do you know what is the right garage door opener for you?

    What is a good garage door opener in your vicinity?

    We highlighted the garage door openers being used within the Pittsburgh area, and sorting out what is the best to install on your garage door.

    Garage Door Opener

    Garage door opener, as stated, is a mechanism or a system that opens your garage door.

    By installing one, you don’t have to get out of your car, manually open the garage door and close it.

    It can also provide additional security such as having an automation system, making your garage door more innovative than ever.

    Types of Garage Door Opener

    There are different types of garage door opener, yet the mechanism is all the same.

    A trolley is connected to the motor, which pulls the door when opening the garage door, and pushes it when closing.

    The only difference between the types of garage door opener is how the motor pulls the trolley.

    Chain-Drive Opener

    Chain-Drive opener uses a metal chain to pull and push the trolley.

    Ideal as a cheap choice as a garage door opener, but tends to create more noise than all of the types of garage door opener.

    If you have no trouble having a little noise when opening and closing your garage door; or if your garage is a little far from your house, this might be the garage door opener for you.

    Screw-Drive Opener

    The Screw-Drive opener uses a threaded steel rod for lifting the trolley.

    When the rod rotates, it makes the trolley move along the track, making the door open and close.

    As it only uses rods for lifting the doors, screw-drive openers are quieter than the chain-drive openers.

    Being the rod is the only moving part, reducing the parts needed to maintain.

    Belt-Drive Opener

    Belt-Drive openers function the same as the chain-drive opener but instead of a chain, a rubber belt is used.

    By using a rubber belt, it provides less noise like the screw-drive opener, and a smoother traction.

    Like the screw-drive opener, less moving parts means less maintenance needs for the garage door opener.

    Jackshaft-Drive Opener

    Jackshaft-Drive openers use a 24 volt direct current motor that drives pulleys and cables, turning the torsion bar and lifting the door.

    They are usually installed for wide doors and keep the ceiling free for storage space overhead.

    Jackshaft-Drive openers are ideal for garages with high and low ceilings.

    They are more costly than most other forms of garage door openers, however.

    Direct-Drive Opener

    A Direct-Drive garage door opener also provides a quiet function, making it a good choice for garage doors adjacent to bedrooms and living spaces.

    The engine itself acts as the trolley then runs, rising or lowering the garage door along the track.

    This suggests that the device has a single moving component which is the engine, resulting in decreased noise and vibration, as well as less maintenance needs.

    Best Garage Door Opener In Pittsburgh

    Honestly, all garage door openers are good for any garage door, within or outside the Pittsburgh area.

    The only thing that decides your choice is your own taste and of course, the budget.

    As long as you have no problems with the budget, all garage door openers besides the chain-drive opener.

    The other four have less maintenance cost in the long run, and produce only little sound when in use.

    Jack-shaft drive openers specially, are the best candidate for the best garage door opener, setting aside the price.

    Being available for both high and low ceiling garage doors, reduced space used on the garage door, and can also be installed for wide garage doors, jack-shaft drive openers is the ideal openers.

    If budget is a problem, chain-drive opener seems good enough.

    The only downside is unlike the other garage door openers, it is prone to repairs and produces more noise.

    Still unsure what garage opener to pick? Needed to repair your garage door openers within the Pittsburgh area?

    Contact our garage door repair company for fast installation and renovation.

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