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    Cleaning And Inspecting A Garage Door Photo Eye

    It was fun to run fast and slide just to avoid the sensors when the garage door is closing as a child is epic at that time.

    The sensor or known as the photo eye which was used in the automatic garage doors holds importance.

    Even though that the photo eye holds importance, it annoys a lot of adults due to its maintenance and its function that may give some trouble to them but in regards to that lots of houses have one.

    Importance of The Photo Eye

    The photo eye’s function helps the increase of safety and reduces the potential expense such as an event like when the garage door would close non-stop and suddenly a child would come, or an object would go pass through but got stuck and crushed by the garage door resulting in expense for repairing the garage door and the cost of that object destroyed.

    Even though the photo eye may seem so techy it is just like little boxes that need to be placed facing each which emits invisible beams that should face each other.

    How Photo Eye Works

    The photo eye functions as a sensor which when an object such as a cart or a car, or even living beings like a child or a pet walks upon the invisible beam then the garage door would reverse from closing to opening state.

    Such as if the transmitter is pressed, the photo eye will function and if sensed any object or living beings that would block the beam it would naturally prompt the reverse mechanism planted in the automatic garage door.

    When To Check The Photo Eye

    With a lot of parts it would need inspection to ensure the safety use of it.

    It would need to be checked upon time to time to avoid risk or accidents.

    And also there should be maintenance where it should be done by the so called experts or professionals.

    Even though professionals are the only qualified to do maintenance which must be done once a month, there are some things that you can do to help your photo eye function smoothly.

    Inspecting and cleaning would be it, as doing these two would really increase safeness of using the photo eye.

    Having a hard time on your garage door photo eye in the Pittsburgh area?

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    Inspecting The Photo Eye

    Inspecting the alignment of the photo eye should be easy. It is out of alignment if the garage door would not be able to close even though your garage door is working properly.

    If your garage door opener is working properly, it will not allow the garage door to close properly when the sensors are out of alignment.

    Doing the right alignment would be done by using some measurement tools like a meter stick or a tape measure to ensure that the alignment is on with the same height.

    You can see the alignment of the photo eye clearly when there would be a well equipped indicator which if the alignment are on spot it would light solid but if not it will flash only as they were out of the alignment.

    If you have any problems inspecting your garage door photo eye, consult your nearest garage door repair company for further assistance.

    Cleaning The Photo Eye

    Cleaning your photo eye would be more troubling than inspecting.

    First you need to check if the photo eye’s lenses have dirt or dirt, which if it is, you need to clean the lenses using a soft cloth and a mild cleaner.

    It is advisable to research on what is good to use for cleaning the lenses for much better results as you need to be careful not scratching the lenses.

    Cleaning the photo eye is a must due to dirty lenses that would stop the photo eye function properly which would block the beam or would cause some problem.

    As soon as you have inspected and cleaned the photo eye, you can repeat the steps you have done and try to check if your photo eye would function properly after inspecting and cleaning.

    If problems persist it is advisable to get help from your garage door repair company as soon as possible.

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    Michael Williams

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