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    Commercial Garage Door Openers in Pittsburgh

    In order to be able to conveniently raise your garage doors open and close, garage door openers have become somewhat of an essential component of your overhead garage doors.

    Without your garage door openers, you will have to lift your doors manually in order to have them opened.

    Now, with the commercial purposes of garage doors getting bigger and bigger, the need for openers has become set in stone.

    After all, the bigger its purpose is, chances are that the door needed for it will also be bigger and heavier as well.

    This being said, since it is clear that commercial garage doors are significantly bigger than your average residential garage door, the openers needed to open them should be a lot stronger as well.

    And because of this, industrial-grade garage door openers have come to birth.

    But what exactly are commercial garage door openers in Pittsburgh are and how different is it from your common residential garage door opener?

    Well, let’s find out together.

    Commercial garage doors

    Before we get to what commercial garage door openers exactly are compared to residential garage doors.

    Now, commercial garage doors are basically garage doors that are commonly used for business establishments such as warehouses, storage houses, and etc.

    They vary in shape and sizes depending on the type you need for your preferred usage.

    Now, there are basically four common types of overhead garage doors preferred mostly by a lot of business owners nowadays and these are as follows:

    • Overhead garage doors
    • Roll-up garage doors
    • Fire-rated garage doors
    • Scissor garage doors

    There are more you can choose from but of all of the different options, these four are the types most commonly chosen.

    Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages over the other so depending on its expected usage; one could come out more beneficial than the other choices.

    Commercial garage door openers

    So, what exactly are commercial garage door openers?

    Now that we know what commercial garage doors are, it is now time to define exactly what commercial garage door openers are all about.

    Well, as the name implies, commercial garage door openers are basically mechanical systems that make it easier for you to open your heavy garage doors.

    They function basically like your conventional garage door opener but only with more power output and enough force to lift open your commercial garage doors no matter the size of it.

    Without these commercial garage door openers, lifting your garage doors would be a whole lot harder and would take longer to accomplish.

    Now since these commercial garage door openers are industrial grade openers and not like your common residential garage door opener, it is classified differently as well.

    For commercial garage door openers, there are three different types and these are as follows:

    • Hoist operators
    • Trolley operators
    • Jackshaft operators

    Each of which has its own advantage and disadvantage over the other.

    Hoist operators are mainly used for commercial garage doors such as rolling doors and sectional garage doors that require a high lift.

    These types of openers are best used for situations where there is a huge garage door vertical height involved.

    It even has a chain hoist which becomes very useful in case of power shortages and the like.

    Trolley operators are commercial garage door openers that are recommended for warehouses that use sectional garage doors that are parallel to the warehouse’s ceilings.

    They are driven by either a chain or belt which opens and closes your garage door during operation.

    Last but not least, we have jackshaft operators.

    Now, jackshaft operators are basically your usual direct drive garage door opener only with more power output made for heavy-duty purposes.

    That being said, they also function pretty much almost the same.

    They operate by having your opener’s motors connected directly to your garage door’s torsion rod, providing enough power to open and close your commercial garage doors with ease.


    To conclude things, commercial garage door openers in Pittsburgh are basically the driving force needed to lift open and close your commercial garage doors.

    Since commercial garage doors are obviously way heavier than your usual residential garage doors, then the garage door openers needed to lift them open must be stronger as well.

    And this is why industrial-grade garage door openers have come to birth.

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