Commercial Overhead Door Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Checklist Video

Commercial overhead doors are the most excessively used type of garage door.

Thus, they need proper maintenance.

In doing so, you will reap a lot of benefits.

A commercial garage door service provider does quarterly or semi-annually overhead door preventive maintenance.

And it all depends on the garage door’s condition – operation and your company’s location.

Commercial garage door operation varies from moderate to extreme. And in each location, there is a diverse environmental condition.

This determines how frequently preventive maintenance should be done.

But you can have your own commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist and do it on monthly basis.

This is if you want to ensure that your overhead door is always in its best running condition.

Contact a commercial garage door service provider near you and learn more about the preventive maintenance plan that they offer.

Benefits of an Overhead Door Preventive Maintenance

There are a lot of benefits to having preventive maintenance for your commercial overhead door.

And the benefits are as follow but not limited to;

  • Your overhead door will operate efficiently
  • Repairs will be at minimum
  • Overhead door downtimes will decrease
  • Overhead door malfunctioning will decrease
  • Your overhead door will have an extended life
  • You will have a safe working environment
  • Over time it is more cost-efficient

In doing it regularly, you will fully appreciate its advantages.

Reach out, we can help

There are a lot of overhead door preventive maintenance plans available in every commercial garage door repair company.

Just reach out to them and discuss what kind of preventive maintenance you need.

Then they can modify a commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist that is specific to your garage door.

Performing An Overhead Door Preventive Maintenance

Most commercial garage door repair companies do a quarterly and semi-annually preventive maintenance checking.

During those intervals, you can perform your own overhead door inspection.

In doing an inspection, you will need a commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist to have a record of the inspection done.

Moreover, you will not miss out on the garage door parts that need to be inspected.

And it will be very easy to identify the garage door parts that should be replaced or repaired.

Here’s what you can include on your company’s preventive maintenance checklist but not limited to;

Overhead Door Inspection

  • Check if your overhead door is running smoothly and have no grinding noise
  • Check if the garage door stops at the floor smoothly when lowered
  • Check for visible damage, cracks, or dents on panels, bottom bars, and hood
  • Check the door’s balance and alignment
  • Check if the garage door weather stripping is still intact
  • Check for loose screws and tighten them if necessary
  • Check for loose chains
  • Check the condition of the springs
  • Lubricate all moving parts if necessary

Electric Operator Inspection

  • Check if all the controls are working properly
  • Check the remote batteries
  • Check if the overhead door operator is functioning well
  • Check if the overhead door settings and adjust if necessary
  • Check if the safety sensors are fully operational

If some of the overhead door parts have failed during your inspection, then contact your commercial garage door service provider.

Let the experts handle your garage door repair needs – to avoid further damage and maintain the good condition of your commercial overhead door.

Commercial Garage Door Service in Pittsburgh

You can trust Garage Door Pitt for your commercial overhead door preventive maintenance.

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And we can provide a local solution to your garage door problem.

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