Commercial Steel Garage Doors

Commercial Steel Garage Doors

No matter the size of the establishment you have, it’s essential to have a garage door to ensure your goods are secured and away from intruders.

With this, commercial steel garage doors are the best choice.

Since they are made of steel, you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged easily because of their durability.

Take note that there are many considerations when choosing commercial steel garage doors.

It should be longer-lasting, durable, and functional.

However, do you know which one to buy?

Buying the most suitable garage door for your business is necessary.

These are some types of steel garage doors in the market to help you decide.

Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional Overhead Doors are made of horizontal panel sections.

The panels stick with each other regardless if you open or close the door.

They are also positioned vertically, with the door tracks hanging from the ceiling.

Given the structure of sectional overhead doors, one of their best features is they save up a lot of space.

You only have to open or close the door, and it stays in place.

They also prevent intruders or stray animals such as birds, rodents, or insects from entering your workplace.

Plus, it helps to regulate the temperature inside your building regardless of the climate.

Furthermore, they are an excellent choice for large establishments.

They also provide many benefits for any type of working environment.

They maintain your business’s workflow, long-lasting, flexible, customizable, and easy to maintain and fix.

You can watch the video here for the benefits of sectional overhead doors.

Roll-up Overhead Doors

Roll-up overhead doors are quite similar to sectional. However, it only has one panel.

They gather into a barrel or coil positioned at the top of the door internally or externally.

Most roll-up overhead doors come in steel or aluminum.

Hence, it’s durable and provides you safety for your business.

Due to the material, you can customize it according to your preferred size, style, and speed.

You can choose an insulated version of a roll-up garage door if you want to save on costs and regulate the temperature inside your building.

Along with insulation properties, it can ward off noise from entering inside if your building is near a busy and noisy area.

If you want a garage door that provides top-notch protection from the harsh environment and intruders, you should consider roll-up garage doors.

They are heavy duty and can withstand all kinds of external and weather conditions.

Also, it will protect your goods and prevent downtime in your operations.

High-Speed Overhead Doors

From the name itself, high-speed overhead doors operate faster than normal ones – opening and closing within a matter of seconds.

This type of garage door is perfect for warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

It provides tight security in a high-speed workflow business.

They can also be used in establishments such as storage centers that require regulating indoor temperatures.

Since they operate at high-speed, there’s a slim chance that an intruder can enter the premises without facing injuries and accidents.

Hence, this type of garage door provides a balance of convenience and security.

If these areas are what you’re looking for, a high-speed overhead door is the best choice.

Automated Overhead Doors

As the name suggests, automated overhead doors are entirely automated.

They are perfect for any business that stores plenty of goods inside, such as retail stores, pharmacies, or offices.

You can also see them in groceries and huge malls.

Automated overhead doors come in different types, except that it doesn’t roll up similar to a roll-up overhead door.

However, they’re easy to use and convenient to establishments that store fast-moving items.

Which is the best one for you?

It will depend on your decision, together with assistance from a professional in Pittsburgh, to decide the best commercial garage door for you.

Business establishments require a high level of security.

For this reason, choosing the best type of garage door is crucial.

After all, it’s different from residential garage doors since they are smaller and only protect your home.

If you want assistance in choosing the best commercial steel garage doors, you can always talk with a garage door repair company near you.

If you’re in Pittsburgh, Garage Door Pitt is here to assist you.

We are experts in any garage door, so you don’t have to worry about deciding on your own.

No idea where to begin? Give us a call today to receive the best garage door installation according to the type you want.

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