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    Common Warehouse Garage Door Problems And How To Fix Them

    Garage doors have become the workhorse for warehouses.

    Employees use them several times a year because they are essential in maintaining business operations.

    With garage doors, you can store and move your inventory safely and securely.

    Although overhead doors can last to 30 years, they can also be faulty for various reasons, such as poor maintenance, frequent usage, and age.

    Hence, we’ve compiled a list of common warehouse garage door problems and how to fix them.

    However, if the fixes don’t work, you can ask help from a professional in Pittsburgh to do the job for you.

    The Garage Door is Stuck

    The most inconvenient problem that can happen to your garage door is if it won’t open.

    Your garage door is rendered useless if this is the case.

    Overhead doors should open and close because that’s their primary job.

    If your garage door doesn’t open, there might be a problem with one of the parts.

    If you see rust on the parts, lubricate them using silicone-based grease.

    If the parts are worn-out and damaged, you might need to call for a replacement.

    Other underlying issues can be a damaged sensor, or your door is off-track.

    With this, you need to fix them as soon as possible. You can watch this video to fix a damaged sensor.

    For an off-track door, a professional fix will solve the issue.

    The Garage Door is Producing Loud Noises

    Overhead doors are not quiet, to begin with. However, when you hear an unusual noise producing from your garage door, such as squeaking or rattling noise, there might be problems with one of the parts.

    Similar to a door that is sticking, you can quiet a loud noise by inspecting the parts.

    Lubricate the rusty parts as needed, or tighten the loose hardware.

    Make sure to use an open wrench when tightening the hardware and other parts.

    The Door Panel has Dents and Damage

    If you have bumped your garage door previously, it might dent your door.

    When a door has a dent and damage, you need to replace it right away.

    It can prevent a seamless and smooth operation, crucial for warehouse operations.

    The Remote Won’t Operate

    The reason why garage doors are convenient is because they have a remote for a quick operation.

    If your remote is not working, opening and closing the door is not possible.

    Make sure to check the batteries. When was the last time you replaced them?

    If it’s beyond 2 to 3 years, change it if you want your garage door to operate.

    Otherwise, ask help from an emergency garage door service in Pittsburgh to diagnose the issue.

    The Weather Seal is Damaged

    A garage door should prevent external elements from entering your warehouse.

    If you see water leaking inside or stray animals are entering your warehouse, you might need a weather stripping replacement.

    You can watch the video on how to weather-strip.

    The Garage Door is Moving at an Abnormal Speed

    A slower movement on your garage door can be stressful for your warehouse operations.

    On the other hand, when you see your door slam down fast, it can also be frightening.

    These problems are likely due to damaged springs, cables, or rollers.

    The best method is to call for a professional to conduct garage door springs replacement, garage door cable repair, or rollers replacement.

    The Door Moves without Prompting

    One of the dangerous problems you can encounter with a garage door is when the door moves without controlling the remote.

    With this kind of problem, maybe a power supply has been damaged or disrupted.

    Other causes may be due to range signal problems or the motor is damaged.

    Whatever the underlying issues are, you might want to ask a professional to diagnose the issue.

    A professional can also advise on common warehouse garage door problems and how to fix them.

    Ask Professional Help

    We hope that the mentioned common warehouse garage door problems and how to fix them will help you address the issue by yourself or by a professional.

    If you have done the steps above and the issues still exist, it’s best to leave the job to Garage Door Pitt.

    We deal with any garage door issues, so you can count on us to return your garage door fully-functional again.

    Call our team in Pittsburgh to receive our 24 7 garage door repairs!

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