The Dangers of Repairing a Garage Door Yourself

The Dangers of Repairing a Garage Door Yourself – There are several reasons why doing DIY projects and repairs around your house is very tempting.

First, you get to save a huge chunk of money, especially for major repairs like a garage door repair.

Plus, when you work around the house, this can be a great time for you to keep yourself busy and help you get more fit and physically active.

However, unless you are trained and an experienced professional in doing several types of home repairs, going for the DIY route is never a good idea.

Electrical repairs are classic examples. Not only will you need the right tools to get the job done, but doing the procedure with minimal to basic skills is tantamount to hurting yourself.

Worse, you can even possibly create a fire hazard and end up risking you and your family’s safety.

Sadly, so many people don’t understand the risks that go along with getting garage doors repairs.

After all, unlike electrical repairs, garage door repairs don’t sound as dangerous and risky as electrical repairs, right?

Secondly, fixing garage doors is nothing but a mechanical thing– it closes, then opens. How hard can this be?

Major Reasons Why Your Garage Door Needs Fixing

Unless your garage door was damaged because of a collision, there are two major reasons why the need to have your garage door fixed calls for it.

First, it won’t close and open correctly or at all.

This simply means that the garage door has a problem with the spring.

The second reason is when the door does not evenly close along its width.

This leaves one side touching the ground, and the other side open.

This problem is usually caused by poor door cables.

Dangers of Garage Door Repair DIY Projects

Fixing garage doors mean dealing with torsion spring, something that involves a lot of tension.

Thus, for garage door repair in Pittsburgh, it’s best to just leave the job to the professionals.

To understand more about the potential dangers that go with DIY garage door repairs, here are reasons why fixing the door yourself is a big no-no.

Personal injuries.

Opening and closing your door seems very easy.

In fact, the actual door’s weight is all the time deceiving.

But did you know that garage doors, especially those double doors, are very heavy?

They have the torsion springs that help balance the door, thus, making it easy to lift or lower.

If the spring snaps, it’s more difficult to handle the door.

This can potentially come crashing down on your with nothing to hold it back.

Garage doors are the biggest single-moving thing you have at home.

When working with its spring, the risk of getting injured is possible especially if you do not have the right training and tools.

DIY Garage Door Repairs Can Do More Bad than Good.

Even if you didn’t find yourself squeezed by a suddenly closing garage door, the impact force of the door with the ground can easily cause damage to the door.

Granting that you are able to install its torsion spring by yourself, what happens if you were not able to perfectly balance it, and the spring did not fully compensate for the total door’s weight?

This can still add strain to your garage door opener.

So expect another repair or replacement sooner than you think.

DIY Garage Repairs is Not Just Worth It.

While this may not sound like a dangerous risk, the very reason why people opt for a DIY repair is to help them save a lot of their budget.

But if this is your only reason, then a DIY garage door fixing project is not worth it.

If you look at it, doing the repair yourself means that you cannot use your door for some time since it will probably take you longer to fix it.

The cost of buying a new spring (that is if you can find the right one), along with the stress of looking for the necessary tools that go with the repair is something not worth risking.

While fixing a broken garage door is something you know you can do by yourself, it’s better to just leave it to the professionals.

For your garage door problems, we are here to help you. We offer you same-day services to help you get your garage door fixed as soon as possible.


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