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    Dented Garage Door – Not to be a perfectionist, but often when it comes to our houses, we want it to be beautiful and neat to look at because we want to leave a good impression on our guests.

    We do not want them to have a glimpse of any small problem in our house and belongings, so we want our property not to have any small defects as much as possible.

    But sometimes, problems, even small ones, are unavoidable.

    No matter how careful we are, there are times when we notice that something is wrong with one of our belongings without knowing the cause.

    Such things are frustrating. One example of this kind of problem has a dented garage door.

    This concern can be one of the first and last impressions of your guests throughout your home.

    Even if it is only a small part, it is sure to be noticed, mostly if everything is fixed apart from it.

    We do not want that to happen.

    Not all dents are created equal

    However, this kind of problem is easy to solve.

    You can repair your own dented garage door yourself, especially if the problem is not so extensive.

    Before you go to garage door repair, first examine your garage door to find out which material it is made of, and decide if you can fix it.

    If you think you can not fix it, you can call our garage door renovation company in Pittsburgh.

    We offer high-quality services at low and affordable prices, so you do not have to worry about how much it will cost to repair your dented garage door.

    We will make sure your old flawless garage door returns.

    Some of the reasons for having a dented garage door are because it may have been hit by a biker outside, or it may have been hit by a basketball, or any accident that no one else might have liked.

    However, whatever the cause, if you notice that your garage door is faulty, you should take immediate action so that it does not get worse, and you do not have to spend a lot of money on repairs.

    Here are some ways to repair your dented garage door

    Fixing a dented garage door is easy. If this is the only problem, you do not need professional assistance.

    You can fix it if you have equipment that can be used for repairs.

    The rubber molly method

    This method is accurate and proven to polish a dented garage door. The first step using this method is to clean the area of ​​the dented garage door.

    Clean it with lukewarm water and detergent. Wipe off dirt, dust, and grime. After soaking and rinsing it, dry it with a dry towel or dry naturally with air.

    After cleaning, place a wooden block on the dented area with your rubber mallet to even out the dented surface.

    Use fine-grit sandpaper to even out the dented area. Then, use patching material to cover the dented, sanded area.

    Layer it to fill the dents and to smooth it out again.

    Apply a thick amount of patching material to the dented area, after which, when it is dry, apply fine-grit sandpaper also to polish it.

    For the last step, you need a paintbrush and paint shades of your door.

    Paint the dented surface because it is not noticeable that the garage door was previously dented through it.

    The compressed air method

    The compressed air method is faster than the mallet method because it only takes about ten minutes.

    Prepare all the materials you will use because, with this method, you need to act fast.

    Prepare aluminum foil the size of the dented area of ​​your garage door, prepare a lighter, as well as a compressed air canister.

    As with the mallet method, the first step in this method is to clean the dented area with warm water and detergent, then dry it.

    Place the foil in the dented area, making sure it covers the entire dented area.

    Heat the foil using the lighter for a few minutes.

    After that, when the foil is hot, remove it and immediately spray the compressed air canister on the dented area for 30 seconds.

    After all, wait a minute to two minutes, you will see that the dents are gone completely.

    According to experts, the compressed air method may not work on massive cuts, so it is okay to use the traditional mallet method.

    Calling a professional

    If you think you can not fix it yourself, there is an option to call and seek a garage door professional.

    Do not despair if both methods do not work because our garage door company is suitable for dents repair.

    You can send us a message if you have a problem with any part of your garage door, and we will gladly help you.

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    Michael Williams

    Michael Williams

    Over a decade in the garage door business has taught me that the most professional way to go is transparency with my clients. Why charge clients when they can clearly solve some of their garage trouble DIY? In this blog I will share as much as I can. If you still need help, don't hesitate to call!