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    Essential Garage Door Safety Features

    Having a functional garage door offers many benefits.

    It not only provides an excellent place for you to store your car and other automobiles, but it can also keep other things you do not use that often.

    You can even store some handy tools there.

    Aside from those, your garage door can also increase the market value of your real property.

    As a useful and all-around implement to your home, you can expect that your garage door can get you a smart deal once you plan to sell it in the future.

    Many modern garage doors that support the latest engineering technology offer great security and protection.

    Most buildings and homes in the residential area of Pittsburgh have modern automatic overhead garage doors.

    That is because most homeowners not only depend on the functionality of the garage door.

    They also rely on their garage doors to keep their homes and families safe from intruders, forcible entries, and even robbers.

    But with all of that being said, it’s also important to keep your garage door in topnotch condition.

    You should also be aware of its inner workings. Since it is highly technical and mechanical, many homeowners get intimidated.

    For them, as long as their garage doors are working, they’re good to go.

    But you have to be a bit familiar at the very least with your garage door.

    You also need to ensure that the safety features of your garage door are properly working.

    Here are the essential garage door safety features.

    Manual control

    Of course, it’s a no brainer that people install automatic garage doors because they want convenience.

    True enough, automatic garage doors are reliable when it comes to providing convenience.

    With just a press on the remote control, you can easily open the garage door while inside your car.

    However, you want to make sure that manual control is properly working.

    It may seem counterintuitive for someone who opted for an automatic overhead garage door.

    But emergency may require you to use the manual control feature.

    If there is a power outage due to inclement weather, such as a snowstorm or typhoon, the manual control can help you open your garage door.

    Even without a power source or electricity, you can still open the garage door manually.


    If you have kids or small pets running around the house, it’s important that you make sure that your garage door’s auto-reverse feature is properly working.

    Back when automatic garage doors were just new inventions, and it was the first time homes installed them, people failed to calculate the risks and dangers imposed of an automatic garage door.

    Many kids got into accidents because automatic garage doors back then did not have auto-reverse features.

    As one of the most crucial safety features, you want to ensure that the auto-reverse is working at all times.

    You have to check the sensors and see if there is some visible obstruction in its trajectory.

    You can also conduct a safety test to ensure that the auto-reverse safety feature is working.

    You can place a block of wood beneath the door. When the door does not reverse automatically, you should have experts to have the sensors fixed.

    In the meantime, make sure that your kids and pets stay away from the garage to avoid accidents.

    Motion detection

    The motion detection is a helpful safety feature for your home.

    When it detects any motion, the lights stay on for a couple of minutes (around four to five, at least).

    This feature can be useful, especially when you’re driving in reverse and entering your garage.

    By providing the driver light, motion detection can prevent the driver from running over someone.

    The motion detection can also keep your home and family safe.

    In the event an intruder or burglar attempts to a break-in, the motion detection will flash its light.

    Annual maintenance

    To ensure that your garage door is functional at all times, you must conduct a routine inspection and annual maintenance.

    That way, you will be able to identify any issues.

    You will also be preserving the lifespan of your garage door.

    For garage door repairs, replacements, or installation, contact your trusted garage door company.

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