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    Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

    Garage Door Maintenance Checklist – Garage doors or overhead doors have always been one of the most used parts of a household, which is said to be operated more than a thousand times per year.

    However, compared to other parts of the house, garage doors have a more complicated mechanism and have many components for it to operate.

    Given that it has an elaborate mechanism maintaining its quality will be detailed, as you would cover many processes since it also has lots of parts.

    Not being able to keep your garage door’s excellent quality will make you pay for a high price.

    First, it can cause accidents in your home, and second, it can make your overhead door faulty, which at some point you would need to call a garage door repair company to fix it.

    That is why, starting today, you should have a maintenance checklist.

    If you do not know how to keep your garage’s excellent quality, then lucky you;

    all you have to do is to follow the list below, which would help you in doing maintenance check for you overhead.

    As said, a garage door contains many components, and all of them should be kept in reasonable condition to keep it functional.

    However, before you conduct maintenance activities, make sure first that the parts are in good condition.


    To know if the springs are still functional, try operating the door.

    For manual garage doors, lift it and observe if one side seems harder to raise than the other, because if yes, then the springs might be defective that you need to replace, not just one of them, but both.

    For an automatic door, it has a safety system that stopped the door from lifting too high up when the springs are defective so that it would not carry much more weight than would cause it to snap.

    If that occurs to your door, then call for a garage door repair or overhead door repair and have them replace the springs of your door.

    However, if you happen not to notice any of those, you could look at the springs and observe if rust or weariness is present, then by that, you could conclude that your springs are faulty and you need replacement.

    After replacing, make sure to lubricate the springs, for it can prevent it from wearing out quickly.


    There are two types of rollers used in constructing a garage door: nylon roller and metal roller.

    If your overhead door uses nylon rollers, inspect if it has cracks in it, white if metal rollers are present, and then see if it has rust or worn out.

    If the said conditions are current, you would need to buy new ones and replace them.

    Lift Cables

    It would be easy to indicate if you lift cables need replacement.

    All you have to do is check if it is showing signs of weariness, because if yes, you need to purchase new ones, call for garage door emergency service, and have them replace and install the one you bought.

    Also, lubricate the cables so it will not wear out quickly.


    Tracks are the parts where rollers are sliding to carry the door so it would open or close.

    Just inspect if debris or insects could block or hinder the rollers and wipe them out before it causes damage to the other components.

    Screws, Nuts, and Bolts

    Most of the time, screws, nuts, and bolts loosen as the garage door kept on being used.

    Letting it loose could cause many problems, for it may result in the door to fall suddenly or other parts to snap.

    To prevent that from happening, make sure to tighten those.

    Those are the basics components that you could inspect quickly.

    To validate some parts, you would have to call for professionals and have them check those.

    If they said that the other components need replacement as well, make sure to do so as it can assure your safety, and it is for the long-term good quality of your garage.

    Replacing parts may come for a price, but at least it is not as high as when you would need to repair the entire overhead door.

    That is why you should continuously seek for a maintenance check.

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    Michael Williams

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