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    Garage Door Maintenance Tips For The Summer

    Garage Door Maintenance Tips For The Summer – These days, garage doors in our homes can last up to 20 years, but this fact doesn’t mean we can forego regular checkups and maintenance.

    In reality, just like other home appliances and equipment, our garage doors will not maximize its lifespan if we’re not taking care of it.

    Just think about what it went through in the winter, cold, harsh wind and ice, while we sat comfortably at our homes along with our other well-loved devices.

    Spring is usually a good time for doing some maintenance on our garage doors, but we can still do it well in the summer.

    Here are some tips for Garage Overhead Doors maintenance this summer.

    Washing and Cleaning

    As the garage doors and overhead doors are undoubtedly exposed to nature’s elements, don’t be surprised to see any dirt and grease build-up on both sides of it.

    Don’t be too amused with writing words and semi-graffiti arts on it either.

    Keep in mind that dirt and dust can be harmful to our health, especially if they bring microbes and constant exposure.

    Luckily, cleaning the garage doors is straightforward by hosing and scrubbing the inside and outside surface with soap and water.

    We can make it a fun activity, too, with some family or friends and cold drinks in an ice bucket to beat the summer heat.

    For finishing touch, apply both surfaces with car wax to prevent dust build-up. Fresh coats of paint and water sealant help prevent rotting down of wood doors.

    Steel doors might have some rust on it, easily removed by sanding down and painting zinc primer.

    Further Inspection

    Getting the cleaning done is just the first step in garage door maintenance.

    We should also proactively look for wear and tear signs as these might significantly lessen the door’s lifespan.

    Frayed or worn cables, as well as supports, hinges, and ball-bearings, are the signs that we should look out for, and calling the professionals for help is our immediate task to avoid any

    Garage door emergency and inconvenience.

    Check for the track’s bolts to see if these are still tight and if the springs are intact and rust-free.

    If the springs look broken, get the Garage door repair company to replace it right away and avoid potential costlier fix.

    Lubrication for Moving Parts

    Exposure to cold, moisture, and ice in the winter may have removed the lubrication on moving parts of our garage doors.

    Lubricate the chain screws, hinges, pulleys, rollers, and other movable parts using oil intended for garage doors.

    Using a silicone-based lubricant, we can also weatherstrip the exterior side of the doors.

    Just monitor how much oil is used as too much of it can make more dirt stick to our garage doors.

    Auto-Reverse Feature Test

    Despite the heat, spending time outdoors in the summer can be very inviting, and it is not a rare idea to lounge on our lawns while kids play near the driveway.

    Protection is our priority at all times, so make sure to do much-needed safety checks around our homes, including the auto-reverse feature of the garage door.

    Test the mechanical system by leaving a piece of wood or brick under the open garage door and close it.

    When contact is made, the garage doors should stop on their own and reverse direction.

    We can also test the sensors by moving something across the door’s path to see if it will backfire.

    If the doors fail on both tests, get your local Overhead door repair team as soon as possible.

    Call For Help If Necessary

    If there is a complicated step we should do or uncovered a problem that we may not be fully-equipped to resolve, we should contact the local garage door experts.

    Whether you are in Fresno or San Francisco, or looking for a Garage door repair in Pittsburgh, or anywhere in this country, calling for professional guidance while doing maintenance is never a wrong move.

    Don’t hesitate to ask questions, even those that sound inane, because knowing as much as you can in garage door maintenance is crucial.

    Garage doors provide security for our possessions and elevate our quality of life.

    Besides maximizing our garage doors’ expected lifespan, keeping it well-maintained is beneficial for us and our homes.

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    Michael Williams

    Michael Williams

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