Garage Door Opening By Itself

There are many issues that homeowners can face with the garage door.

Still, most of them say that having a garage door that automatically closes and opens is something they do not usually experience.

This type of problem when it comes to garage doors is rare.

So if you are experiencing this, you should wonder and think about what is happening at your garage door and find out if you need to call a garage door repair company.

Here are some possible reasons why your garage door opens automatically

Does your garage door experience spontaneous opening even if you do not instruct it to open?

Have you ever had to open your garage door and struggle because suddenly it automatically closes and opens?

Here are some possible reasons.

Circuit board and radio

According to some garage door experts, this problem is usually due to a problem with the circuit board and the radio’s mixed signals.

According to a garage door company owner, a garage door has such a problem because of the short circuit board.

A strong storm may affect the electrical circuits of the garage door opener.

Apart from the damage to the circuit board, it is also said that the closure and opening of a garage door can be voluntary due to other mechanisms involved in making the door opener.

Photoelectric reversal system

One of the factors that may have caused your garage door’s automatic opening is the misalignment of the photoelectric reversal system.

When the photoelectric reversal system is out of alignment, it tends to break the beam.

When this happens, the door opener will think something is coming, so the garage door will open again.

You can solve this by adjusting the reversal system to its correct alignment.

Check the wall panel near the entrance of your gate.

You will know that the beam is aligned correctly and fixed when the indicator has stopped blinking.

The threshold of your garage door

Also, one of the factors that may affect your garage door’s operation is the dirty threshold.

The garage door threshold should always be cleaned as it can accumulate dirt and ice during the snow season.

When it is not cleaned, it will affect the garage opener’s mechanical mechanism and the garage door.

The battery of the garage door remote

Another one you also need to check is the battery of the garage door remote.

Your garage door may open automatically because your garage door remote sends mixed signals.

If this is the reason why your garage door opens automatically, you can solve it by replacing its battery or replacing the remote itself because it may be broken.

A plane passing over your home

If you are one of those who have an old garage door, one thing that can affect your garage door’s automatic opening is the passing of planes.

These planes affect the code or frequency of your old garage door, so it opens automatically.

Today, this rarely happens because most garage doors are now upgraded.

Radio Frequency

A garage door company owner also says that one of the possible causes of this problem is radio frequency interference.

It is not impossible for this to happen because someone else may know your code or frequency.

Try changing your garage door’s code or frequency because you may have a neighbor who is the same as your garage door opener frequency.

Many factors may have caused problems to your garage door;

that is why some garage door experts advise looking at different angles that may have affected the garage door’s opening and closing.

You might want to check the garage door wall wiring, the garage door remote opener, the wired keypad, and other electronics related items.

If you have done all of the above and the problem still does not stop, you can call an expert who is good at garage door improvement.

Do you experience this kind of situation? Do you live in or near Pittsburgh?

You can contact our garage door company to see what is wrong with your garage door.

If you find that your garage door is not working correctly, do not hesitate to seek garage door experts’ help.

If a defect is found, take immediate action not to worsen the problem, and you will not have to spend a lot of money on repairs.

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