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    Garage Door Remote Not Working

    Most Overhead Doors are automotive and are so convenient nowadays.

    We can easily open them from afar without any hitch.

    The fantastic advancement of our technology brings this one.

    Remote control is the reason why we can open a Garage Door fast.

    It is the outer part of the entryway opener, which enables it to open and close anytime.

    Although it is helpful to many people, the tool is also a problem sometimes.

    It is when it breaks down suddenly, and we do not know what happened.

    If there is an unexpected event like it, do not hesitate to call us.

    Let us take your dilemma away.

    To help further, here are some of the best reasons why you might have a Garage Door repair emergency now.

    It is about the remote control not working.

    Have the best ideas so you would have a heads up on what you might be experiencing.

    Common Causes for Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open With the Remote Control

    1. Remote Battery is dead.

    A dead battery is the most common problem when it comes to Garage Door repair.

    The thing is that homeowners would call experts about it without knowing the main problem.

    They are often shocked to find it out.

    Accordingly, no one would surely want to get home after a long tiring day to find the entryway, not opening.

    Then, you will be stuck on the driveway trying the remote control relentlessly.

    The matter is it was fine in the morning.

    You will go down the car and ask the door to be opened from inside.

    This incident is usual when the owners do not change batteries.

    Always remember that the controller is not going to work itself forever.

    It needs human intervention.

    If you are busy often, try to buy batteries with a longer life span. It would help a lot.

    2. There is an RF Interference.

    In case after replacing the batteries, the door would still not work. There might be another problem.

    It could be RF interference this time.

    It means other Radio Frequency signals are interrupting yours.

    Signals are every day today. We can find it in the most straightforward technology like radios.

    Ensure there are no other open objects that would cause interference, so there would be no problem.

    There is still another reason if you have done the first solution here. This time, your neighbor’s Garage Door is causing the problem.

    It could also be the same when you experience your opening suddenly.

    Contact for an overhead door repair immediately for this. It is not safe because the inference might happen anytime, and it could be when you are asleep, or you are not at home.

    3. The Garage Door needs a reset.

    Do you know about your Garage Door opener?

    It is a computer box that helps you transmit signals to open and close the thing with many conveniences.

    If the door just suddenly does not work with the remote control, it might need a rest.

    The reset needs to be done if you are frequently using the entryway.

    It needs reorganization so that it will work well.

    If you are familiar with internet routers, it has the same idea. Notably, it needs a little time off, so it refreshes.

    4. The lock button is enabled.

    There is a lock inside your house for added Garage Door security.

    If you accidentally enabled this one, the door would not open despite your efforts outside.

    Better go inside and will allow it so the remote control could be used again.

    We often forget things when we are so busy. It is the time when you might have accidentally pushed the lock.

    Do not be stressed when problems arise in your entryway.

    There are minor and major problems, and we might have the first.

    Let us deal with it if you are still worried. Contact us now.

    5. The GFI is busted.

    Houses are secured nowadays with a lot of things.

    The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter device or GFI is one of these.

    When we go out for work, we often arrive in the evening.

    Something might have happened for the GFI to bust out.

    With it, the automatic Garage Door would not work.

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    Michael Williams

    Michael Williams

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