Garage Door Slams Shut

It is very dangerous to have a garage door that slams shut.

A garage door that slams shut is a safety concern if you have kids and pets living with you.

An accident could happen if this continues.

Moreover, your garage door will break if the problem is not fixed.

There is a straightforward garage door slams shut repair that you can do.

And we will discuss it later in this article.

But we recommend that you call for a garage door service.

This kind of problem should be handled by an expert garage door technician.

That is why we are here to assist you with your garage door problem.

Where Could Be The Problem?

What could be the reasons that your garage door slams shut?

Take note of the following causes below and check them with your garage door.

1. Spring strength of your garage door

Over time the strength of your garage door weakens – especially if you use your garage door as the main entrance to your house.

The strength of the spring conforms with its age and usage.

The spring’s strength weakens as your garage door gets older.

2. Frayed or damaged Garage Door Cables

The garage door cable aids in raising and lowering the garage door.

In time garage door cables also become frayed.

Having a frayed or damaged garage door cable could cause your garage door to slams shut and sometimes renders your garage unusable.

3. Improper to no maintenance at all

Even though you are doing preventive maintenance for your garage door, the question is — Is it done accurately?

Also, there are times we tend to ignore our garage door’s health.

It has been the mindset of most people that if it is working then it is still good.

With that in mind, they do not perform preventive maintenance.

We have garage door companies that provide this kind of service.

Call them and let them handle the job because it is their line of expertise.

And rest assured that your door is in good hands.

4. Rusty garage door parts

As mentioned above, a garage door that is not taken care of will become rusty.

Your garage door faces different weather conditions.

And for a length of time, it will become rusty.

Proper garage door care is needed to avoid this.

You must frequently clean and lubricate the moving parts of your garage door.

What Needs to be Done?

Listed above are the possible reasons behind your garage door that slams shut. And here we will discuss what to do with those problems.

1. Garage door spring replacement

The garage door spring is an essential factor in your garage door mechanism.

Replace a weak garage door spring immediately.

By doing so, you can prevent further damage to your garage door.

And this kind of repair should be handled by an expert technician.

2. Have your garage door a proper maintenance

Having your garage door well maintained will extend your door’s service life.

You will feel safe and secure when you let the garage door company handle the job.

So call for a dependable garage door company and ask about the garage door services they offer.

3. Adjusting the Close force setting

Close force setting allows you to change the force needed in raising and lowering your garage door.

It is located at the back of your garage door opener.

To change the setting, use a flat screw and rotate it counter clockwise.

Check your garage door’s performance after adjusting the close force setting.

This solution is only temporary, so you have to find a garage door repair company real quick.

Ask yourself – how long has the problem occurred? If the problem has been there for quite some time now, then your garage door could be beyond repair.

You can contact us for a garage door installation quotation.

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