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    Slow Opening Garage Door

    Garage Door Springs Are Broken – Your garage door has multiple uses.

    This is the very main entry and exit way of your home.

    Like anything else in Pittsburgh, your home garage door is constantly exposed to wear and tear.

    Eventually, your garage door will break over time.

    A broken garage door is dangerous and can be a potential safety hazard to your family.

    Thus, it’s very crucial that you can identify any possible signs of problems with your garage door to avoid unwarranted issues in the long run.

    While there are several things to look out for in a garage door problem, the most common concern is a broken garage door spring.

    Here are the most common signs you should be wary about.

    Garage Door Springs Are Broken: The Signs

    When you find these symptoms below, these are clear indications that you need to consider a garage door adjustment.

    Loose garage door cables.

    A lot of people think that when their garage doors are loose, the door cables are the problems.

    In reality, it is actually the door spring that is the issue. Slack or loose cables mean the door’s spring is no longer functioning properly.

    In a good working garage door, the pressure of the torsion spring that is tightly-wounded is what keeps the cables secured in its place.

    When the spring snaps, this results to an unwounded spring.

    After some time, this will cause the cable to slip out of its place.

    Very heavy garage doors.

    Have you ever noticed your garage door no longer opening properly, and that it feels very heavy to handle?

    This is a clear indication that the door’s spring may be broken.

    The torsion springs of the door support the whole weight of the system.

    Once it breaks, this will result to garage doors becoming dead weight.

    Open only a few inches.

    If the door only opens a few inches, or worse, does not open at all, you have problems with your door spring.

    Remember that the spring of the door is designed to support the door’s very heavyweight.

    If it’s broken, then opening the door may prove to be challenging. Furthermore, try to check the sensors.

    There’s a chance that the safety system might be triggered.

    The torsion spring has a visible gap.

    A torsion system is composed of two tightly-secured torsion springs placed over the garage door.

    When the system breaks, the spring unwinds. This will result to a visible gap of torsion spring.

    Once you notice the gap, it’s time to call a garage door repair company.

    Uneven garage door.

    A damaged extension spring is usually the main cause of a crooked garage door.

    Extension springs are those secured on either side of a garage door.

    They work by pulling the door independently.

    When one of these springs snap, that side of the door can no longer move, thus making it look like it’s crooked.

    If not immediately fixed, this can cause the door to get stuck on the track.

    Loud banging sounds.

    If you notice loud banging sounds from the garage, this is likely because of a broken torsion spring.

    As you open, the spring unwinds and produces a loud noise.

    Some homeowners claim this is very startling and that it sounds like somebody is trying to get into their houses.

    For this garage door emergency, it’s best to contact us for your garage door repair in Pittsburgh.

    When opening and closing, the garage door is wobbly.

    When you operate your door and you notice that has this jerky motion, this is a clear sign that the door must have a broken spring.

    This usually happens if your garage door is equipped with extension springs.

    The door quickly falls when it is going down.

    If your garage door ‘drops’ faster than how it usually does when you close it using your automatic opener, it’s a telltale sign that there is a broken spring.

    The whole weight of a garage door is supported by a spring.

    If this spring is broken, this will cause the door to fall faster than normal.

    Because this is a safety risk, call us right away for a quick overhead door repair.

    When you notice your garage door spring is broken, call us right away.

    Never attempt to fix it on your own.

    We have the right tools and training to help get your problems solved in no time.

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    Michael Williams

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