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    Garage Door Won’t Close

    Nowadays, modern homes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have automatic overhead garage doors installed.

    This crucial home implement has lots of benefits to your home and family, thanks to the convenience it provides to American homes.

    However, if your garage door won’t close all of a sudden, it is undoubtedly the last thing from convenient.

    If anything, it’s pretty stressful. It’s better to call a professional technician to take a look and fix your door.

    Here are the common reasons why your garage door won’t close.

    The photosensors detect something in its trajectory

    Photosensors are highly sensitive. Sometimes, if your garage door is not working, the sensors might have detected some visible obstruction in its vision.

    Make sure you put away things out of the sensors’ trajectory.

    You can also check if the lenses of the sensors had accumulated dirt. Wipe the sensors with a piece of cloth.

    If your garage door is still not closing, you may want to check the batteries of your remote control.

    Replace them with fresh ones and try pushing the buttons to see if it works.

    There are some dust and dirt that built upon the roller tracks

    Since your garage door is exposed to heat, external elements, and dust, you can expect that your garage door attracts a large amount of dirt.

    If your garage door is not working, make sure to check the tracks.

    There may be some first and dust that built upon it.

    When cleaning the tracks, make sure that you refrain from using water.

    Water may only cause damage to the tracks. In worse cases, it can even do worse instead of fixing the roller tracks.

    Clean the roller tracks with a piece of cloth dipped in methylated spirit formula instead.

    Your garage door is not connected to the power source

    If your garage door is not working, don’t panic.

    Check if the garage door is connected to the power source.

    Sometimes, people tend to forget to plug their doors into the power system.

    This is also the easiest troubleshoot you can do.

    No need to contact an expert for that!

    There might be some rust that built on the moving parts

    You may notice some visible struggle whenever your garage door is opening and closing.

    There may also be some weird, loud, clanking noises.

    If such was the case, check the moving gears and parts and see if there were rust that built up.

    Rust usually builds up when the moving parts are not properly maintained or lubricated.

    Since they are constantly moving, they need to be lubricated to ensure that the movement is smooth and produces little to no noise.

    However, be mindful that mechanical grease or oil is the appropriate lubricant to apply to your garage door.

    Experts suggest that you use a WD-40 lubricant spray for optimum performance.

    No proper maintenance

    The best way to preserve your garage door is by conducting annual maintenance.

    By doing so, you will be able to maintain your garage door in its topnotch condition.

    It will also allow you to identify issues that may be causing some trouble to your garage door.

    If such was the case, it’s best that you immediately call your professional garage door technician.

    However, although this is basic, many homeowners tend to overlook this step.

    For them, as long as their garage doors are working and they can take their cars out of the garage, they no longer concern themselves with proper maintenance.

    This can be a big problem.

    If you notice that there was something wrong with how your garage door operates and you have not provided the appropriate maintenance to it, have it checked by an expert.

    A professional technician is equipped with the right tools and skills to diagnose any problem with your garage door.

    They can even fix any issues and have your garage door working in no time.

    If you tried troubleshooting and your garage door is still not working, you should call an expert.

    There are many garage door companies within the vicinity of the Pittsburgh.

    It would also be wise if you consult trusted friends, family members, and feedback from customers and clients to ensure that you are contracting quality garage door repair services.

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    Michael Williams

    Michael Williams

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