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    Garage Doors Making Noise

    In Pittsburgh, a garage is crucial to every home.

    Since a garage can be multifunctioning, it works to protect your vehicles and as an extension to your home.

    It can be your personal space and storage area for things you want to keep.

    However, garages can be frustrating at times, especially when your garage door is making unnecessary noises.

    Noisy garage doors or overhead doors disrupt peace within your home, and it is a sign that there is an underlying problem.

    You may need to call our garage door repair company to check what is wrong.

    For proper understanding, check our list of reasons why your garage door or overhead door makes a noise below.

    What Kind Of Noise Are You Hearing?

    There are different kinds of noises, and it varies according to its description.

    Each noise pertains to a problem that requires a garage door repair or an overhead door repair.

    Sometimes it is considered as a garage door emergency if the noises get unbearable.

    If you hear a rattling sound from your garage door, it could be loose nuts, unbalanced doors, insufficient lubrication, and improper installation.

    If you hear a squealing sound, that could be a hanging hinge or roller, and inadequate lubrication.

    Meanwhile, if it is a popping sound, there could be a problem with the torsion springs.

    Distinguish The Differences Between The Noises

    Moreover, take time to determine the differences.

    Such that if you hear a loud banging noise, this could mean that you have unbalanced doors.

    If it is a rubbing sound, this can pertain to bent or jammed tracks.

    Grinding sounds are from improper installation or a trolley stripped out.

    And in general, if you hear your garage door banging loudly when you open and close it, the reason could be poor soundproofing or lack of insulation.

    What Makes Your Garage Door Produce Unnecessary Noise?

    As a garage door repair company here in Pittsburgh, we recognize at least six most common reasons why a garage door is noisy.

    First would be loose parts on your gate’s hardware part like the rollers, nuts, bolts, and hinges.

    If you have any of these at open, it is possibly due to everyday use, resulting in wearing out.

    Second, the improper installation would cause noises, especially if skilled professionals are not the one who installed your garage door or overhead door.

    It will also be challenging to operate without hearing squeaks and rattles.

    The third reason could unbalanced doors, which happen when the springs are not functioning the way it is supposed to.

    It adds strain on your door, which results in cables snapping.

    The fourth reason is simple if your garage door is working perfectly fine, the reason you might be hearing noises is that your garage lacks soundproofing or is not insulated.

    The fifth reason would be because of the insufficient lubrication that gets conflicted with friction.

    And lastly, bent tracks, which make sit difficult for you to open and close your garage doors or overhead doors without making a rubbing noise because of loose screws.

    What Will You Check For Proper Diagnosing

    There are guides you might want to consider in garage doors or overhead doors to find out what is causing the noise.

    You can diagnose your garage door on your own.

    For example, check if your garage door is making rubbing noises when closing and opening.

    If it does, check for misaligned tracks.

    Examining the overall state of your garage door or overhead doors requires being keen.

    You must monitor your garage door for wobbles, shakes, jerky movements, grinding and squeaking sounds.

    If there is, find out when these movements occur and look closely for the part that may be the reason behind it.

    When Is The Time To Call A Garage Door Technician

    Often, you can repair garage door noises by yourself.

    However, there will be complicated situations that require you to call our garage door repair company for assistance.

    Instances when your garage door or overhead doors do not close and open fully, and when they do not even work at all, are the best time to seek help from professionals.

    In Pittsburgh, garage door repairs or overhead door repairs happen as part of your daily lives as owners.

    At times garage door emergencies need immediate attention.

    Contact us for inquiries about garage door repairs and bookings if you want to avail of our services.

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    Michael Williams

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