Snow Removal Tips For Your Garage

Garage Snow Removal Tips – Christmas starts, and so are the rush buying those gifts and the inevitable constant drives to the mall and grocery.

Then your driveway and especially the garage is filled with snow and ice, how can you buy that precious ham on time?

Worry not, here are tips on how to remove that annoying snow blocking up your way to a happy holiday, or even just a normal day coupled with snowstorms.

Snow and Ice Damage on Garage Doors

Removing blockages of snow and ice on your garage door is essential, especially when you are taking care of your garage door too much.

Snow and Ice can cause damage on your garage doors if left untreated.

There are many types of damage the snow and ice can inflict on your garage just by building up.

Most notable are the hardening and cracking of important rubber and vinyl, shifting the weight of the garage door, making it imbalanced, misalignment of door tracks, and the motor and springs are forced to lift loads heavier than usual, wearing it down faster.

Avoiding Snow and Ice Damage

Knowing the different damages snow and ice can do on your garage door, the best approach is to avoid damaging the garage door.

But how exactly?

The best is to remove the snow and ice before it does damage to the garage door.

Removing snow and ice on your garage can be done alone, but heavy build-up can be hard for one to handle.

If you have snow and ice problems on your garage door during heavy snowstorms in Pittsburgh, we can save your time working by calling us!

Removing Snow and Ice on Garage Doors

There are several ways for you to remove snow and ice on your garage doors, may it be mechanical or manually removing it.

Both have certain pros and cons, and it is entirely up to you what you should do when the snow builds up.

Here are some ways you can remove snow and tips how to remove them effectively, clearing a way for your garage door.

Shoveling the Snow

Shoveling or using a shovel to remove the snow is probably the basic solution if you want to remove snow by yourself.

When shoveling snow covering your garage door, make sure that the snow you are clearing does not pile to the threshold of your garage door.

That way, the snow you shoveled would not be in the way of your garage door.

Also, when shoveling, check the snow for any debris hiding within the snow, such as branches of tree, leaves and other objects that may injure your garage door.


When plowing by yourself or having a plowing service, plowing the very front of the garage door removes snow and ice quickly and easily.

It requires little effort by using a plowing machine, but the machine is expensive.

If having trouble getting a plowing machine, contact the nearest plowing service provider and specify to plow the garage, including the front of the garage door.

Avoiding Pile Ups of Snow

This is a no-brainer, but avoiding a pile of snow and building on your garage door.

Snow may contain debris that when stuck to the garage door, may cause potential damage to your door.

Weather Resistant Garage Doors

If your place has a high snowstorm chance, changing your normal garage door into a weather resistant is a good move.

Having a weather resistant means that even on intense snowstorm and harsh ice build-up on your garage door, the door can withstand and lessen breakage from this tough weather.

Other Tips

Use salt when clearing snow. Salt makes it easier to shovel the snow building on your garage door, saving you time and effort when you have other things to do.

Most urban cities do this, scattering salt at roads and crowded places to avoid ice and snow-related accidents.

You can use road salt, but it is better to use a solution of salt water, salt mixed with an amount of water.

The solution prevents ice from forming, and the result varies on how salty the solution is.

When unsure about your garage door and seems it might be an emergency during snowy days, it is wiser to call a garage door repair company to be safe and sure.

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