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    How to Adjust a Garage Door Gap

    Garage door gaps are not pleasing to look at and bother some people.

    It is not only an inconvenience for homeowners, but it also brings adverse effects to them and also their safety.

    Door gaps are very enticing to uninvited people such as robbers or murderers.

    Snakes, mice, and other pests can also enter your garage and even your home through these gaps.

    Another disadvantage of having gaps is that your parking space can get dirty because of rain, dried leaves, snow, and ice which can enter the top gap of your garage door.

    Things like this can be hard to manage, which is why Dallas Garage Company is here to help and teach you how to adjust a garage door gap.

    We are trusted by many because of our high-quality performance and budget-friendly services.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us when you have a garage door gap that you want to be fixed.

    The Types of Gaps and What You Can Do About It

    Garage doors may have many different types of gaps that need different kinds of solutions.

    You can address gaps by yourselves; however, we recommend you to ask for assistance from professionals so that you can ensure that these problems won’t happen again.

    Garage Door Gaps on Top and the Sides
    Disproportionate stops or misaligned tracks usually cause these types of gaps.

    Stops cover the gaps on the edges and posts of the door.

    They also serve as a weather seal that prevents rain and water from entering the garage by rerouting the water.

    In contrast, tracks make sure that the garage door can open and close correctly.

    We can solve this issue if we try to check and assess if the stops are too close or if they need replacing.

    If it is the former, we move and adjust the stops and inspect the garage door again.

    Moreover, we also check the tracks if they are aligned and if they hold the garage door at a correct distance from the stop.

    If they are pretty misaligned, we try to loosen the bolts and adjust the brackets a bit so the garage door can be nearer to the stop.

    Garage Door Gaps at the Bottom

    Many things cause gaps at the bottom of the garage door.

    A variety of corrective actions will be mentioned below for different sources of problems.

    Limit Switches

    Limit switches are buttons that guide the ultimate position of your garage door, and they are usually located on top of the garage door opener.

    If your doors don’t close all the way, we will rearrange the limit switches and place them flatly between the floor and the bottom of the door since these are easy targets for animals to chew on.


    Garage doors have seals attached within them, and this needs replacement from time to time.

    It is essential to have them checked frequently to evaluate whether they are still in good condition or need replacing already.

    If seals are the problem, we can easily change them on the spot.


    Some gaps are not that severe and can be addressed by trimming.

    However, this is only applicable to those garage doors that are made of wood.

    If the gaps are not that extreme, we can cut the door to match the floor to remove the gaps, and then we can add weatherstripping to prevent rainwater from entering the garage.


    As for garage doors made of metal, replacing the weather seal might do the job and remove the gap on your garage door.

    When changing the weatherstripping, we must make sure that it is high enough to cover the gap.


    Some garage floors may shift after the cement has been poured, which causes an unlevelled base.

    This results in unwanted gaps in your parking space.

    The best thing that we can do is to add a layer of cement, flatten it and ensure that the garage door and floor are even to prevent any gaps.


    Garage door gaps give us unnecessary stress and are very uncomfortable to look at.

    Other than that, it also poses a threat to the safety of our families.

    It is crucial to have these types of problems addressed immediately to prevent any unwanted results.

    Dallas Garage is quick to respond and swift to provide solutions to these types of problems.

    We offer the best service in town with good value for money.

    Our customers are delighted because we don’t only fix garage door gaps, but we also give out advice and instructions on how to adjust a garage door gap.


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