How to Adjust Garage Door Tracks

Garage doors are a big part of our home and our daily movements.

To guarantee stable, reliable, secure, and efficient garage door operation, one thing to keep in mind is that garage door tracks must be properly installed and free of material and hardware damage.

The tracks on a garage door are two metal parts that run from the floor to the ceiling along both sides of the door.

A garage door opens and shuts by gliding along certain tracks with a pair of rollers.

When this part comes off the track, we will encounter many significant problems affecting our daily routine.

In this post, we will delve on how to adjust garage door tracks that have been damaged.

Why are Door Tracks Risky When Not Fixed?

If our garage door is out of alignment, it may fall off the track, posing a danger to homeowners and their property.

If it is significantly out of position, it can drop off the tracks and hurt us.

The door may become stuck, and we may find ourselves in the event of an emergency requiring us to use our vehicle.

When the track is broken or skewed, we can become trapped inside or outside our garage, expose ourselves or danger, and become a target for unwanted burglary.

Numerous possibilities are likely to happen, so it’s best to fix it before things worsen.

Broken garage door parts can be hazardous to fix and should be left to a professional to reduce the risk of injury.

Signs A Garage Door is Misaligned

Always observe for signs that our garage door is dysfunctional.

The best way to tell if it’s out of alignment is to observe uncommon operations such as squeaky noises or inconsistency in movement.

Garage doors can quickly become imbalanced due to loose, worn cables or force that dislodges the panels from the track.

There is a good chance that the door will jam or fall off its tracks, the rollers will be damaged, and the panel will remain in place.

This issue leads to a lot of further damage to the door.

Any of these instances indicate that your door is undoubtedly misaligned and should be serviced immediately to avoid daily inconveniences or even severe damage or injury.

General Guide in Fixing Garage Door Tracks

There are three different varieties of garage door track problems.

Though it’s best to seek professional repair service, here are general guidelines for aligning garage door tracks.

Binding Garage Doors

Start by removing the screws that attach the track to the door frame.

Then, try to position the track in its correct location using a rubber mallet.

Adjust the track with a level to ensure it is straight, then secure the screws.

Off- Balanced Doors

Inspect the cable, spring, or tracks for wear and tear.

If you see some signs of wear and tear, contact a licensed garage door repair company to do the repairs.

Although many homeowners can DIY it, replacing garage door parts of off-balanced doors may be hazardous due to the door’s tremendous weight.

Rubbing or Gapping Doors

Move the garage door track slightly to correct a gapping or rubbing door.

Disconnect the upper track from the lower track, then reposition the part so that there is no gap between the door and molding.

Fasten the track and then check to check it is properly mounted.

Any time you’re doing a home repair project, regardless of its size or complexity, has the potential to cause harm if performed improperly.

Each garage door manufacturer will have its own set of instructions to follow, so it’s wiser to seek professional repair service.

If you’re doing it yourself, read the manual carefully, and don’t forget to use eye and hand protection.

Ensure Seamless Repair With Pitt!

Maintaining our garage doors is crucial.

There is nothing bad with wanting to repair something independently.

While aligning the door tracks is pretty straightforward, it pays to invest in high-quality service to avoid further hassle.

If there’s a challenge understanding how to adjust garage door tracks in its proper place, we strongly suggest hiring a professional garage door repair service.

There might be more problems with the garage door system than you initially suspected.

Here at Pitt, we conduct a thorough inspection of your garage door system to ensure that everything is well and in order.

Our company offers the best, fair-priced, and expert solutions to all your garage door problems.

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