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Probably, you have heard about the automatic garage door with a handheld remote device.

But most people are not familiar with the garage door keypad system.

Unlike the hand-carried opener remote, a garage door keypad is installed outside the garage to control the garage door.

Most garage door owners install a garage door keypad to access the garage door when they forget or lose their remote device.

Moreover, a garage door keypad is more convenient for those who use their garage as an activity or workshop area.

By just putting the pin code, they can open the garage door without the hassle of carrying or looking for the remote device.

Liftmaster Garage Door Keypad

When you talk about garage door openers, the Liftmaster brand has always been included as one of the top choices.

Most people use a Liftmaster garage door opener, so it is also best to use a Liftmaster keypad for wireless access into your garage.

Listed below are some of the features that a Liftmaster garage door keypad offers:

  • Rolling Code

Every time you enter your garage door keypad pin, the rolling code technology generates a new and non-sequential code to prevent hacking.

The Liftmaster Security Plus 2.0 includes the rolling code technology to prevent intruders from entering your garage.

  • Fingerprint Scanning

Liftmaster also has keypad models with fingerprint scanning.

Instead of numbered codes, this type of garage door keypad only operates the garage door with registered fingerprints.

Fingerprint scanning is more secure since guessing the pin code is not possible.

  • Wireless Design

The Liftmaster garage door keypad doesn’t need additional wirings to connect with the garage door opener.

A garage door technician can easily install it on the wall outside your garage.

  •  Weatherproof

Since garage door keypads are exposed to varying environmental conditions, all Liftmaster keypads are weatherproof.

So you don’t have to worry about the rain, snow, or extreme heat since the Liftmaster keypad can withstand all seasons.

Liftmaster Keypad Battery

If your garage door keypad suddenly stops working, the very first thing you should check is the battery.

The Liftmaster garage door keypad uses a 9-V alkaline battery.

But make sure to verify the battery requirement with your garage door opener’s manual.

The lifespan of your garage door keypad battery depends on how often you use it to open or close the garage door.

But on average, it takes about a year before you need to change the battery inside your garage door keypad.

How to Change Battery Liftmaster Keypad

You can follow these simple and easy steps on how to change the battery of a Liftmaster keypad:

  1. Look for the compartment allotted for batteries – usually, it is at the bottom of the keypad.
  2. Slide the cover carefully or use a screwdriver if it has a screw.
  3. Remove the dead battery and discard it properly.
  4. Insert the new 9-V alkaline battery according to its polarities.
  5. Cover the battery compartment.
  6. Test the garage door keypad if it is working.

Before doing the steps above, make sure to check your opener’s manual for the exact steps on how to change the battery of your Liftmaster keypad.

Troubleshooting Your Garage Door Opener and its Keypad

If replacing the battery of your garage door keypad does not solve an unresponsive garage door opener, call Garage Door Pitt.

We are your leading garage door experts who can solve your garage door opener or keypad problems.

We can accurately detect the problem and repair it immediately at your request.

Also, if you want to reset your garage door keypad for security concerns, we are the right ones for the job.

Our highly skilled garage door technicians can handle different garage door opener brands, such as Liftmaster and Chamberlain.

Top-Rated Garage Door Services

Garage Door Pitt also offers top-rated and high-quality garage door services.

We do garage door installation, garage door repair, and garage door maintenance services.

We have the right tools and equipment to finish our garage door services without any fault.

Garage Door Pitt is the most trusted garage door services provider in Pittsburgh.

So for a garage door repair or installation, contact our team now.

Our garage door technicians are always available at your most convenient time.

There are many ways to add control and access to the garage.

Thanks to the comprehensive integration and functions of garage door openers, we can all enjoy the garage even from a distance.

The most common form of access may be the remote control handheld device.

With the tap of your finger, you can now open the garage entry.

However, the remote control is not the only way to open or close the garage.

Another way to open and close the garage is via keypad entry devices.

With a number pad and a small screen, now you can control and modify additional settings to limit garage operation.

However, what happens if there is a power outage and the keypad connects to the power supply?

The last thing garage owners want is the inconvenience of an inaccessible garage when there is no power.

First, some keypads allow for a battery power source as an alternative power source.

There are also keypad models that operate solely on wireless function.

You need to add the correct battery size and battery type for the keypad.

Before stressing out about a keypad issue, know that professionals in the area can help you.

We are Garage Door Pitt, and we are here to offer our services to you.

You don’t need to worry about having no access to experts who can help you with urgent scenarios inside the garage.

Consider these steps as the way on how to change the battery of a LiftMaster keypad:

Step 1: Find the correct battery size

First, you need to consider buying batteries and extra stocks for future replacements.

There are many battery sizes for different types of LiftMaster devices.

For keypad access devices, the battery size for most keypad devices falls between 9V battery or 12V battery.

Be sure to read the instructions guide of each keypad device.

Step 2: Remove the keypad cover

For each keypad device, there is a battery cover below the build.

A screw may secure the cover to prevent it from falling out.

Get a screwdriver and unmount the cover to reveal the battery.

You may also need to apply some pressure to the cover to slide it down properly.

Step 3: Remove the old battery

Remove the old battery from the keypad.

Study the battery for information and the battery terminals for some issues.

Terminals are prone to corrosion or battery leaks.

Ensure that the keypad battery terminals are free from rust, damage, or battery acid.

Step 4: Put in fresh batteries

Install it inside the keypad when you buy the correct battery size for the keypad.

Ensure you follow the charge of the batteries to avoid damage or instances of malfunction.

Put the positive charge (+) with the positive terminal and the negative (-) charge on the negative terminal.

Put back the screw of the cover on the keypad.

Step 5: Test the keypad access

Test the keypad for the new batteries.

Try to close and open the garage with the keypad.

If the battery is correct and properly installed, the keypad should function normally.

Expect the battery to last for a long time inside the keypad.

Get expert assistance on damaged keypads

If the keypad doesn’t work after replacing it with new batteries, then the problem may be on the keypad itself.

Keypads are also prone to damage since you push buttons in the build.

External elements can degrade the condition of the keypads.

For such concerns, you’ll need a garage door repair for your keypad.

Fortunately, we are here to offer our repairs for you, and we also know how to change the battery in a LiftMaster keypad.

We are Garage Door Pitt, and we give our services in the area.

You can call us at any time for your concerns and bookings.

Find a free schedule and call our team for a service date!

Here at Garage Door Pitt, we offer our professional work to all garage owners in the area.

More than repairs, we also offer our other services such as installations, maintenance routines, and consultations.

We are your all-around garage door service business that looks out for the best interest inside your garage.

Our goal is for all properties to have safer and accessible garages.

Call us if you have any questions or inquiries.

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