How To Clean Garage Door Sensors

If we are having a hard time opening our garage doors, our first action would be to check our garage doors’ sensors.

We can find these sensors at the base of the door opening.

The sensors of our garage doors are pointing at each other, and we should not see any blockages.

We are having a hard time on how to clean garage door sensors? Or are we looking for someone to fix the troubles of our garage door? Don’t fret; Pitt is here to help us with our garage doors.

Cleaning our garage door sensors

If we are looking at how to clean garage door sensors, we come to the right page.

We know that sometimes the sensors of our garage doors need to be wiped and they should also be realigned if our garage door isn’t opening and if there are severe problems with our garage door sensors we shall call the experts like Pitt.

When we are cleaning the sensors of our garage doors, it is essential to keep in mind that we shouldn’t harm our sensors, and we should not use any harsh paper towels and chemicals in cleaning the sensors.

The sensors are delicate, and we can easily scratch them.

If the lens of our garage doors is already marked, we might need to replace it with the help of Pitt.

The best-recommended way to clean off our garage door sensors is with a microfiber cloth, like the ones we use in cleaning our televisions screens and any other glasses.

We can use this microfiber cloth without using any liquid for cleaning.

If our garage door lenses are still not clean, we might need to moisten our cloth with water.

The sensor has extra eyes on our garage doors.

We can’t always see if there is something in the way of our garage doors when it is opening or closing.

The sensor can stop the garage door; we might have difficulty figuring out why it stopped.

We might think that it is broken.

Until we notice something is in the path of our garage doors.

With the sensors of our garage doors, we can prevent accidents from happening that can damage any valuable items we have or something that can harm us or our pets.

It is one kind of safety feature that garage door repair companies like Pitt take seriously.

The sensors are near the ground.

Many things can be sneaking in our garage doors whenever we are not looking, and we might not notice it.

A pet of our neighbor, dog or cat, or even a raccoon can run inside our garage without us seeing.

There could also be small things in the way of our garage doors that are hard to notice.

Our garage door sensors are near the ground or low into the ground, so the sensors can see everything that might be blocking or something that might sneak unnoticed.

The Sensors give extra security.

There are many stories we can hear that burglars use open garage doors to get inside of our houses.

They are there waiting for us to open our garage door; they then hunch and sneak inside our homes before we can even close our garage door back.

Our garage door sensor can detect this because it can detect anything in the garage door path.

The sensors won‘t tell us or alert us if there is someone, but they will alert us if someone or something remains.

It is not that much security, but it is helpful for us.

Pitt garage door service can help us keep every garage door we have perfect working conditions, especially if these problems are already bothering us too much.

Let us take care of our garage door sensors.

We need to take care of our garage door sensor to ensure our safety.

There are tons of garage door services companies we can contact to have a maintenance check

with our garage doors.


If we find that our garage doors are not working perfectly or it is not operating the same way as before, It is time for us to contact Pitt, a garage door services professional.

They can find out what are the problems our garage doors have.

Let us not rely on do-it-yourself projects because we might damage our garage door even more.

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