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    How To Fix A Broken Garage Door Sensor

    Overhead door sensors are electrical devices that signal the door, whether to stay open or close according to set conditions.

    If there is an object along the door’s path, the sensor will allow the door to stay open to prevent damage or injuries.

    Otherwise, the garage door will close.

    Hence, the sensors provide safety to the garage door system to prevent accidents or injuries from happening.

    Unfortunately, they can get damaged for various reasons – lack of maintenance, faulty wirings, and misalignment.

    For this reason, when you notice your sensors break, it’s time to give them the attention they deserve.

    Moreover, these are the troubleshooting tips on how to fix a broken garage door sensor.

    Check for Obstructions

    If you have been experiencing issues with your garage door not closing, check if there are objects along the door’s path.

    If the sensors detect these objects, it will prevent the garage door from closing.

    This is why you have to clear off the objects from the path to make sure the door closes.

    However, if your garage door won’t still close after doing this step, prepare for some tweaking on your garage door sensor.

    Clean the Sensors

    Dirt and dust can accumulate, which can block the sensor’s view.

    To remove the dirt and debris, use a clean towel.

    Carefully do this procedure to prevent damage to the photo-eyes.

    Then, test the garage for the operation.

    If the door still doesn’t close, then you might need to adjust the sensors.

    Adjust the Sensors

    Garage doors that don’t close after cleaning and removing the obstruction along the path might require you to adjust the sensors.

    Photo-eye sensors use transmitters and receivers by emitting infrared light to the other sensor.

    If an object does not block the light, the garage door will remain open.

    However, there are times that a sensor can misalign, which prevent the infrared light from reaching the other sensor.

    Misalignment is caused by accidentally bumping the sensors, whether by an object or by foot.

    As a result, the door won’t move because the sensors can’t function normally.

    One way to address misalignment is to use a laser level to check if both sensors face each other directly.

    But if you don’t have a laser level, you can try this method in aligning the sensors:

    1. Locate the nuts holding the sensor to the L-brackets.

    2. Loosen the nuts with a small wrench.

    Make sure to loosen it just enough for you to move the sensors by hand and face the sensors to each other.

    3. Depending on your sensors, they emit red or green light when they’re aligned.

    Adjust the sensors once you see the light appears.

    4. Tighten the nuts to secure the alignment of the sensors in place.

    You can also watch this video for another method of aligning sensors.

    After doing the steps, test the garage door’s operation.

    If it fails to close, there must be a problem with the electric circuit of the sensors.

    Electrical Issues

    If your sensors are aligned and clean but the garage door won’t still close, sometimes the problem can stem from electric circuit failure.

    Usually, sensors emit light when they are switched on.

    However, if you have aligned the sensors and the light won’t appear, you are experiencing wiring issues.

    Check the plug if the sensors are switched on.

    If the sensors are activated but still the door won’t move, you might need to check the problem with an emergency garage door service in Pittsburgh.

    They know how to fix a broken garage door sensor.

    Team up with Garage Door Pitt!

    Overhead doors have a simple mechanism but have complicated parts.

    If your sensors still fail to work after doing the steps above, you need to check the problem with a garage door repair company near you.

    Besides, a malfunctioning garage door can stem from broken springs, cables, or rollers.

    Broken sensors are just one part of the problem, and there might be more issues that are causing your door to operate poorly.

    Because of this, don’t hesitate to call Garage Door Pitt for the repairs.

    We offer 24 7 garage door repairs and give tips and advice on how to fix a broken garage door sensor.

    Call our team in Pittsburgh now to fix your garage door!

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