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    How To Fix Garage Door Cable

    We neglect our garage doors most of the time even though it is one of the most important things we can find in front of our houses, and we use this door almost every day.

    But there will be times when our garage door will ask for some maintenance, and that is when we start freaking out.

    We shouldn’t expect that once our garage doors are already installed, and everything is already set, we don’t need to call for the help of professionals in garage door services anymore.

    Because just like other items in our homes, they also need maintenance.

    We might be finding solutions on how to fix garage door cable, or we are looking for a professional garage door service company now; we must not worry because Pitt is there to help us improve our garage doors.

    The critical part of our garage doors

    We know that our garage doors are hefty, and they can weigh up to 400 pounds.

    That is why we really will have a hard time lifting it, especially if it has problems.

    Our garage door system is not just all about its track and doors.

    It is more than that.

    If any of the parts of our garage doors fail, it can end up that our garage doors might stop working anymore and wouldn’t open, and the garage door commission will be out until we let garage door services like Pitt change or fix our garage doors.

    Every part of our garage doors has different purposes for the door.

    The garage door tracks will keep our garage doors aligned, the springs are the ones who help the door to be lifted even with its heavyweight, and the cable drums and the cables are the ones responsible for failsafe when some failure happens with the garage door springs.

    The primary purpose of our garage door cables

    Both of the cables are placed on different sides of the garage door.

    They used both the extension and torsion spring, and they are the ones who help our garage door to open and close quickly.

    So when one of the garage cables fails, it might end up that the other cable will get all of the stress and might eventually break too.

    They are both attached at the bottom part of our garage door and the cable drum in the torsion spring shaft.

    When the drums are turned by the torsion spring of our garage door, the cables will unwrap or wrap around the drum, the door opens or closes.

    We also have mentioned that when one of our garage door cables doesn’t work anymore, our garage door won’t work evenly.

    It will put extra strain on the unbroken tracks, cables, and rollers, and that is why experts recommend that we replace both.

    Replacing our garage door cables

    Before we start this kind of project, we should know how to fix garage door cable, because if we don’t, we might damage our garage door and turn it into a much more severe case.

    Before we remove the broken cable of our garage door, we must ensure that our doors are in an open position and are secured in one place.

    This step is easy when we put grips into our garage door tracks just below our garage door rollers, or we have a choice to put scaffolding or a ladder under our garage door to stop it from moving.

    Once we ensure the placement of our garage door, we can now remove the broken cable that is looped around the peg, and we also must unravel the wires.

    We then attach the new line to the drum with the help of the manual provided by the manufacturer of our garage doors.

    If we do not replace both cables, the cables might not fit perfectly, so we recommend replacing both of our garage door cables.

    In doing this, it is recommended that we seek the help of the experts in garage door services like the Pitt.


    Pitt is a professional garage door service company providing tons of services for our garage door problems.

    They also have tons of experience when it comes to fixing our garage doors.

    That is why they are trusted when it comes to changing our garage door cables.

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    Michael Williams

    Michael Williams

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