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    How To Fix a Garage Door Opener Chain

    Garage doors that are operated by chains and run on a chain drive opener tend to deal with problems of loose chains.

    This can be hazardous for you and your loved ones, mainly if this isn’t addressed immediately because your garage door can jump off track.

    Garage door chains can get worn out due to the constant use.

    Loose chains make a lot of noise and require your opener to do extra work making it less efficient.

    Pitt provides you with the necessary information on how to fix a garage door opener chain.

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    Tightening the Garage Door Chain

    Garage doors must undergo regular maintenance to prolong their shelf life and to sustain their efficiency and durability.

    Also, to make sure that your safety is not at risk.

    In this part of the article, various steps will be introduced on how to fix a garage door opener chain.

    We discourage you from adjusting your door chains on your own since this might cause accidents and avoidable hospitalizations, so we recommend that you seek assistance from our company since our staff is packed with the right skills and knowledge for these types of issues.

    You can contact us through our webpage to ask for assistance.

    Power Supply and Opener

    The first thing that we need to do is to disconnect the electricity supply.

    This is a safety precaution that we must perform to prevent accidents such as the sudden opening of the garage door while we are standing on a step ladder or accidental electrocutions.

    Next is we detach the opener for us to see the bolts inside.

    Finding the Bolt

    Next is we must find the bolt that is responsible for adjusting.

    When we have detached the opener, we will see a cart that contains two bolts.

    The first bolt is meant to do the locking, and the other is for adjusting.

    We must screw up the adjustment bolt for us to improve the tension of the garage door chain.

    Locking and Adjustment Bolt

    After we have located the locking and adjustment knobs, we must unfasten the locking knob with the use of a half-inch wrench.

    Then we tighten and secure the adjustment knob to adjust the garage door chain.

    It is crucial to keep in mind that it is not good to pull the chains too much since this can cause the chains to wear out immediately.

    After we have made the adjustments, we will be using two wrenches while we screw up the locking knob.

    The other wrench is to hold the adjustment knob to prevent any unwanted movements.

    Returning the Power Supply and Opener

    Subsequently, we must reconnect the power supply and attach the opener again for us to operate the garage door.

    After we have done this, you might notice that the chain is dangling slightly, but it will regain its tension when opening the garage door again.


    Finally, we perform a test run on your garage door.

    We try to close and open the door a couple of times to ensure that we have made suitable adjustments.

    If the chains are still dangling, we must make adjustments to the knobs again.

    Chains should not give you a problem for about a year, but if the chains have been consistently dangling after the repair, we might recommend changing your opener and chains since both of these types of equipment are vulnerable to aging and wearing off.


    Garage doors are pretty hectic to take care of, but they have many benefits for different people.

    To become a responsible owner, you must subject your garage door and its whole system to regular maintenance checks to ensure that it is working correctly.

    Adjusting garage door chains are pretty intimidating to perform, especially to those who have no idea of what to do.

    It also poses a significant threat to your safety if you are not guided by a professional.

    We discourage you from doing DIYs when it comes to your garage doors since this can cause severe injuries and avoidable accidents.

    Call and seek professional assistance to address these types of problems.

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    Michael Williams

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