How To Fix Garage Door Photo Eyes

The photo-eye of our automatic garage doors are the safety features they have.

The photo-eye can sense any obstructions, and when this happens, our garage door will automatically stop closing, and it will prevent damages for our cars or injuries to our kids, pets, etc.

We might be looking for instructions on how to fix garage door photo eyes that is why we scrolled the internet about this problem, or we might be looking for someone who is a perfect fit to repair any damages in our garage door, don’t be afraid Pitt is here to help.

What are the photo eyes of our garage doors?

The photo-eyes of our garage doors can be found near the ground just around six inches above, one on each side of our garage door.

There is an invisible beam that connects both of the photo-eye.

Their functions for our garage door are simple.

If a thing, person, or pet interrupts the invisible beam that leads to not connecting both sensors, the garage door won’t close.

Are the Photo eyes on our garage door necessary?

The government in 1990 mandated new safety features for our garage doors.

The photo-eyes were made for this mandate.

If a child, pet, or careless adult will break the connection of the two sensors, the garage door won’t close and will prevent any damages.

How to know if our garage door photo eye is not working

For our security and safety, if we find that the photo eye of our garage door is not working, we should call help from Pitt garage door service for a professional response to the problem.

Here the signs our photo eyes are not working correctly:

  • If one of the photo eyes lights started blinking, we should now be alert.
  • If we can open our garage door, but we cannot close it down.
  • Our garage doors come down then will eventually open again.

Troubleshooting our garage door photo eyes

We will not have a hard time finding what is wrong with our garage door photo-eye. As we can easily detect if our garage door won’t close, the tricky thing is how to fix garage door photo eyes.

1. We must check if our garage door photo eyes are the problems. We should be sure that the main problem with our garage door is its photo eyes. We might find that our garage doors are not closing because of the door tracks. It usually happens when we see a dent or bend in the door track, it stops the track from moving. We might also have a bent door track if our garage door starts squeaking when we lift it or close it. These are also minor problems that we can fix. Here are the steps in improving our garage door photo eyes

2. We must also check for possible obstructions. When we find that our garage door photo-eyes aren’t working, we should look out for obstacles around our garage door that are helping it stop from closing. We usually assume that obstruction might be our cars or someone is standing in our garage doorway. However, there might be a minor obstacle that is blocking our garage door photo-eye.

3. We must check if there are lights. Every garage door photo-eye has a small LED light on it. It means that our garage door photo eyes are correctly working. We must check our sensors if the other light is not working or it is blinking. It is the indicator that our garage door photo eyes are not working correctly or moved or bumped by something.

4. We must clean our garage door sensors. Another reason why our garage door sensors are not working is that they might be dirty. It is near the ground so that it can be stained. We shall always check if we need to clean the sensors.

5. Trying to move the bracket. The photo-eye of our garage door is placed into a pivot bracket, which might be bumped and might be the reason why our photo eyes are broken.

6. Let us try to realign our sensor. Our garage door sensor should always be aligned so it will work perfectly. If the sensors are not in the same position, our garage door light beam might be broken.


Now that we have provided an easy step on fixing our photo-eye, we can now troubleshoot it, but if we see severe damage in our garage door photo eye, we should consult only the experts in garage door services.

Pitt is always available to guide us.

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