How To Fix Your Noisy Garage Door

If you’ve been using your garage door many times in a year, the chance is, you might be noticing some noise issues with it.

Especially if you have been neglecting maintenance for a while now, don’t be surprised if problems begin to surface on your garage door.

Garage doors, like any other equipment, need proper care to make sure it’s working well.

Once you notice your garage door is creating noises as it opens and closes, there is a problem in the garage door system.

While we all have experienced a noisy garage door, it’s not a good thing if you neglect the problem.

Not only will it disturb your neighbors, but it might also cause more damage to other garage door parts.

However, do you know how to fix a noisy garage door?

Don’t worry. We will go through different ways on how to fix a noisy garage door and eliminate it for good.

After all, we want our overhead doors to be working again.

Tighten the Nuts, Bolts, Screws, and other Hardware Parts

The hardware parts secure the garage door system.

These parts such as nuts, bolts, and screws make sure that hinges and tracks don’t fall anywhere during the operation.

Every time the garage door operates, the hardware makes sure that all the garage door parts are in place.

If you see them loose, no wonder your garage door is producing noise.

To eliminate the annoying noise, tighten everything with a socket or open wrench.

Inspect all the parts to secure all hardware parts.

Once you have done this step and still hear the annoying noise when you operate your door, try the next method.

Grease Up

Parts such as hinges, springs, cables, and rollers get rusty over time.

Since they are made of metal, they corrode once exposed to air.

Another reason is these parts work the hardest to make the garage door move.

Every time you use your garage door, they get worn out or rusty.

Once you see rusty parts, it’s easy to solve the problem.

Rusty parts can cause friction to the system, which creates a noisy garage door.

Hence, lubricate these areas to smoothen them out.

Pour a lubricant to these parts sparingly and make sure to wipe off the excess.

If you don’t wipe the excess grease, the dirt will accumulate, which can affect the garage door’s operation.

It’s best to use silicone or lithium-based silicone for these parts.

You can watch this video on how to grease up everything.

However, if your garage door is still making the annoying sound after lubricating the parts, it’s time to replace the parts.

Replace the Damaged Garage Door Parts

If doing the methods above did not work, maybe the garage door parts need replacement.

If your garage door is with you for many years already and you’ve been using it all the time, it’s time to change the parts.

Replacing can be costly, but if you neglect the issue for long, it will create more problems with your garage door.

Not only will you experience a noisy garage door, but you’ll also experience having difficulties in opening and closing the door.

Moving parts make the garage door move, so make sure they’re in the best condition all the time.

If you want to replace the parts on your own, it’s alright as long as you know how to fix it.

There are also many DIY videos online.

Also, don’t replace the parts altogether.

If the cables are worn-out yet the springs are still in good condition, you only need to replace the cables.

However, to ensure the replacement is done correctly, call an emergency garage door service in Pittsburgh.

If you want everything to be fixed right away, they will cater to you as they respond to emergency requests.

Say Goodbye to a Noisy Garage Door

Overhead doors need maintenance to make sure they’re working correctly.

You can also prevent more damage when you spot the issues early.

However, everything’s too late when significant issues are going on.

Follow the methods above to get rid of the noisy garage door.

If you’re not confident about how to fix a noisy garage door, you can ask help from a garage door company in Pittsburgh.

One of the reputable garage door services is Garage Door Pitt.

We’ll quiet down your garage door in no time.

We also provide 24 7 garage door repairs, replacement, maintenance, and garage door installation.

Call us when you need us since we are open around the clock.

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