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    How To Improve Garage Door Security

    Keeping our houses safe is of utmost priority, or else, we risk becoming victims of burglar attacks, losing our possessions, or worse, becoming fatalities.

    Around nine percent of thieves enter through the garage, as reported by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

    We must secure our garage doors and overhead doors at all times, and here are the ways to achieve it.

    Never leave the garage door opener remote inside vehicles

    Burglars succeed by reading our routines and reactions, which help them quickly know where keys are usually placed, or in this case, the garage door remote.

    It is why we should never leave the remote control in the car,

    be it inside the glovebox because this is the first place burglars scope.

    We should start a habit of keeping our garage door remote controls inside purses or pockets.

    If burglars found our remote controls, we might not even know they’ve been through our belongings already, and maybe too late for us to recover our possessions.

    Lock the door leading to the house

    Some of our homes have doors inside the garage, making it easier for us to enter without walking under the sun or through the night.

    However, we must consider that any entrance to our homes is a risk, and this door is a significant hazard if the burglars managed to breach the garage.

    Always keep this door locked or upgrade the security by installing a steel door with deadbolts in its place.

    Since we’re on the locks’ subject, we can also consider getting locks for our home’s manual garage doors.

    This lock requires us to use a physical key to get in—an old-fashioned way of keeping our garage safe but useful nonetheless.

    Installing a lock inside the garage door can stop burglars in their wicked plans.

    Make sure to lock it before entering the house to prevent anybody from unlocking it from the outside.

    Add more eyes around your lot

    Security cameras are an excellent hindrance to criminals who are attempting to break in our homes.

    As it can record clothing, physical attributes, and facial features, burglars will be discouraged to make victims out of us for fear of being recognized, ergo, caught.

    When seen from a reasonable distance, burglars will not even attempt to get closer to our homes and break through the garage doors.

    We can avoid spending the night reporting a robbery and arranging a Garage door emergency service.

    With the help of more modern technology, motion-activated cameras can start recording as soon as it detects movement in our lot, like a pulling car, your nosy neighbor, or an approaching burglar.

    It can also record high-quality videos even through the dark of the night.

    Install motion-detecting floodlights

    Although thieves are becoming bolder these days, with break-ins reported even in broad daylight, most are still attacking at night.

    Installing motion-detecting floodlights in our homes can give us not only the nighttime illumination we need but also a protection against possible robbery.

    Upon detecting movements, these lights will go off, catching our attention and stopping the burglars from their plans.

    Thieves wouldn’t even think of getting closer to our homes and damage our garage doors in a desperate attempt to enter.

    We can be sure to save money from contacting a Garage door repair company to fix it.

    Level up the security with a smart garage door opener

    Using a smart opener, we can monitor our overhead doors even when we are outside our homes, and receive alerts through our smartphones if someone tries to open it.

    This way, we can call the attention of our local police immediately and do our neighborhood a unique favor.

    Our homes should be the embodiment of peace and security we strive for.

    We want it to be the place where we feel most comfortable being ourselves while surrounded by our prized possessions.

    Moreover, we prefer it to be our fortress against the disturbing realities of the outside world, where humans sometimes refuse to be humane.

    Getting any entrance to our homes in top-notch security is the first crucial step to guarding our lives.

    We can ask for guidance from Overhead Door Repair experts and call our trusted Garage door repair in Pittsburgh to set up the best defense possible.

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    Michael Williams

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