How To Increase Garage Door Opener Range

Almost all garage doors in the modern age are automated.

After all, it’s convenient as you can efficiently operate the garage door as long you’re within the opener range.

However, issues can occur at any time with garage doors.

It can be frustrating and annoying if you can’t open the garage door in the middle of the night, right?

After checking the remote and other garage door parts, you find out there’s no problem with them.

In some cases, opener range issues can be a problem when you find your door not opening after clicking the remote.

To avoid problems with garage doors, here are ways on how to increase garage door opener range.

Replace the Batteries

When did you last change the battery of your remote? At times, a dead battery might be the issue as it prevents your opener from responding from the remote.

If you forgot the last time you replaced the battery, you need to do it now.

Replacing the battery is one of the simplest and most effective ways on how to increase garage door opener range.

Make sure to buy a reputable battery brand to make the remote last longer.

Also, change the battery every 2 to 3 years to prevent weak signal and corrosion of battery inside the remote.

Install an Antenna Extension

For automated overhead doors, there is usually an antenna placed on top of the opener.

Placing the antenna under the opener ensures a clear signal between the remote and the opener.

Moreover, the antenna must be 10 inches long to catch a good signal.

To further extend the opener range, install an antenna extension, and place it beside the opener.

But if you have an existing antenna extension and you’re having problems with it, watch this video to fix the issue.

Purchase a new remote

Over time, a remote control can wear out, especially if it’s getting old.

When a remote gets old, the metal securing the battery can dent, which allows the battery to pop out.

As a temporary fix, homeowners usually tape everything to secure the remote.

However, if you have an old remote, a signal can also get faulty.

To check the signal’s condition, make sure the light appears every time you click the remote button.

Otherwise, you need to change your remote when you don’t see the light appearing.

Tweak the Remote’s Frequency

Most garage door openers work in a 315 MHz frequency.

By changing the frequency on your door opener, you can improve the garage door opener range.

If you want to change the garage door opener frequency, install a logic board along with new controls.

Another way is to change the frequency on the opener’s setting.

Read your manual on how to change the frequency in your opener.

Remove Electrical Interference

Openers and remotes rely on frequency to communicate with each other.

This communication allows the door to open and close.

However, the frequency can be interrupted due to electrical components that have radio frequencies.

If you’re nearby LED lights, television, security system, chance is, they can affect the opener range.

Other factors that affect the opener range are if you’re near the airport or television stations.

If you’re having problems with range lately, keep your garage door away from these electrical components.

While it is a hassle to narrow down the electrical component that is disturbing the signal on your range, you need to inspect the problem to eliminate it.

Observe the subtle changes with your opener range when it’s near electrical devices.

By doing this, you can detect the device or component that is interfering with your garage door opener’s signal.

Therefore, remove the electrical device to increase the range on your opener.

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I hope these tips help on how to increase garage door opener range.

There are also videos online for more information. One helpful video is found here.

However, if you’re hesitant to do the methods above, you can ask for help from an emergency garage door service in Pittsburgh.

If you need assistance, count on Garage Door Pitt to help you.

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