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    How To Install Roll Up Garage Door Manually

    Installing a Roll Up Garage Door may sound quite simple and easy, but installing a roll-up garage door can be pretty tricky.

    Although this seemed to be dealt with by professional services, it isn’t that necessary at all.

    It is because anyone who has a background in mechanical stuff would find these steps easy to follow.

    Before we could even start with the steps on how to install a roll-up garage door manually, we must know about warning and safety precautions that have to be considered before start.

    We should remember that we are dealing with an extensive material composed of Aluminum and Steel, hence hefty to deal with it alone.

    Besides, the springs of the garage door that could potentially be under extreme tension could cause injuries.

    For more elaborate safety precautions, there’s a rundown of this list for us to read:

    1. We need to make sure the door is free from any obstruction before we operate it.
    2. We always need to remember that the garage door’s spring is under so much tension, hence, very dangerous.
    3. Keep away our little ones near the parameter of the garage door.
    4. While we work indoors, we must always note that we must not stand near the doorway, let alone walk through the door.
    5. We must not install the door on windy days.
    6. Check the bolts of the garage door; it should be complete and no loose components.
    7. Another thing we must consider is having enough workforce to help us through the process. Preferably two adults that could help out in carrying.
    8. To be more secure in any falling debris, we should use scaffolding instead of just ladders.
    9. Read carefully and understand the installation manual. We must familiarize the parts and function of each component.
    10. Next, we must check on any damages visible on the door.

    Tools Needed

    Now that we have prepared ourselves with the warning and safety precautions, it is now time to know the common essential materials/ tools we will need during the process.

    • Electric Drill
    • Plumb Line
    • Impact Hammers
    • Tape measures
    • Chalk line
    • Water level
    • Sling
    • Chain Hoist
    • Drills
    • Scaffolding/ Mechanical Lift
    • Screwdrivers
    • Hammer
    • Channel Lock Pliers
    • Center Punch
    • Wrenches, vise grips, C-clamps, torque wrench, and a large pipe wrench.

    Steps on Installing Up Garage Door

    After securing the tools and materials we need, we now go through the primary process of installing roll-up garage doors.

    STEP 1 – Receiving Package of the Roll Up Door

    After we receive our roll-up door from the carrier, it is a must for us to check and inspect the packaging.

    We must check if the package or the door itself has visible sign damage.

    STEP 2 – Inspect the Roll Up Door Wall Opening

    Once checked, we now go on through inspecting up the specifications of the garage door itself.

    We must measure the width and opening if it is exact with the wall opening.

    Aside from this, check the completeness of the packages’ components, e.g., jambs and plumbs.

    Generally, we must inspect and ensure all parts required for installation are with the door.

    STEP 3 – Gather Garage Door and Parts

    As we start, it is best to ensure that the floor is tidy and clean.

    Grab the left and right guide jambs components.

    After we placed it with the help of other people, position the door on the floor just between where the left and right guide jambs.

    STEP 4 – Bracket Installation

    Next is to raise the flange on the tensioner pawl until the end of the pawl clears the tensioner ratchet wheel at the tensioner end of the door.

    To place the short legend upward, rotate the bracket.

    Enable the end of the pawl to engage the nearest tooth on the ratchet wheel after releasing the flange on the pawl.

    Then, we need to align the top end of the guide with the bracket and insert the bracket’s hooks into the guide’s slots.

    Slide the bracket and guide together until the guide’s locking tab completely engages the bracket’s notch.

    If the locking tab does not wholly engage with the bracket notch, bend the tab into the notch with a hammer and strike.

    STEP 5 – Raise the Roll Up Door Assembly

    Position door and the guide jambs near the opening, then raise the assembly in balance position and around the bottom guides then rotate.

    STEP 6 – Guide, Brackets, and Jambs

    The next we have to do is for the guides and Brackets to Jambs.

    To attach these items, we will be using fasteners.

    Fasteners to be used must be appropriate with the jamb.

    This is in accord with the manual guide.

    After this, we are setting up the spring tension is the next to be done.

    Rotate the door in such a direction in which the bottom bar will be down next to the guides.

    The next is the head stop slide inside of each guide.

    STEP 7 – Stop Clips, Handles, and Pull rope

    Position each stop clips at each end of the inside of bottom bar.

    At the same time, the handles are connected outside at bottom bar.

    Lastly, the pull rope is inserted in the holes at the horizontal leg of the bar.

    STEP 8 – Inspect the Door Operation

    After this, it is time for us to check and inspect the effectiveness of our garage doors.

    Try lowering and then raising to test the door balance.

    For indicator, if the door is easy to close yet not easy to open, spring tension must be increased.

    If it is the opposite, then spring tension decreases.

    Although these might not be the most detailed steps on how to install a roll-up garage door manually, these quick steps and tips can probably help us.

    For more actual instruction, check out this video.

    Also, BE REMINDED when we perform our installation of roll-up garage doors manually, we need always to be careful and secure our safety.

    It is advisable to contact a professional repair service if the work is too much for us.

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    Pitt company offers services that involve garage issues and surely offers a great deal.

    We don’t only secure the installation of our roll up garage door we also secure our safety.

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