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    How To Repair A Broken Garage Door Spring

    A lot of things can go wrong with a garage door, most are easy to handle.

    But there are times when the work is too much to bear on your own.

    Issues involving the overhead door spring are extreme and unsafe if it’s not properly managed.

    For this reason, seeking advice from a garage door repair company near you is still the best option.

    The garage door springs almost do the entire job when it comes to opening and closing of your door.

    The breaking of your garage door spring can cause trouble for many homeowners who do not know how a garage door spring works, reasons why it’s breaking and ways on how to repair them.

    What are the types of Overhead Door Spring?

    The first thing that you should know is to identify the type of springs and its importance:

    1. Extension Springs – are springs that hold energy as well as an aversion to a heavy force. They are placed on both sides of the overhead door tracks. They expand and reduce with the support of cables and pulleys when the door is going through the motions.

    2. Torsion Springs – are spiral springs that apply a revolutionary force. They are positioned at the top of the wall above the overhead door. They store a large amount of tension, which helps the door to move smoothly.

    Important Note: The breaking of garage door springs usually happens when the door is closed.

    Only on a rare occasion that it breaks when it is open.

    That is why it is recommended not to walk underneath the moving door.

    Top Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

    1. Wear and Tear – Garage door springs carry a lot of tension, from going up and back down, it is rated about 10,000 cycles. If your garage door also serves as your main door and goes through an extreme use, it is highly recommended to replace it with a spring rated for 20,000 or more for extended life span.

    2. Rust – When rust develops on the springs, it can cause breakage and dramatically shorten the lifespan. It produces friction on the spring coil while it moves. In addition, it weakens the coil and leads to failure more quickly. Maintaining the springs using a silicone-based lubricant twice or more in a year can help in keeping the springs well maintained.

    3. Poor Maintenance – All garage doors will break in time if not taken care of. Proper maintenance can prevent your spring from cracking and falling. Massive damage to springs can be really challenging if not fixed immediately. We still advise to hire a professional technician who has the proper training in repairing your garage door springs. If you are living in Pittsburgh, Garage Door Pitt is readily available to serve you!

    Garage Door Spring Repair Procedure

    In all honesty, repairing your garage door springs is simple; as long as you apply safety precautions and procedures you will be just fine.

    So, how do you repair your garage door springs? Here is the step by step process:

    1. First, ensure that you have all the required tools to fix your garage door springs. A winding bar is necessary to manage the torsion as you position the springs.
    2. Measure the specifications of your garage door springs. By doing this, accuracy with the replacement parts of your springs will be in place. You can watch this video for a complete guide on how the measure is being done.
    3. Detaching the old springs and installing the new one. Make sure that the new springs are positioned correctly to avoid further damage on your garage door.
    4. Lastly, do a test to check if the garage door is working properly. Check this video for an in depth tutorial on how to repair your broken springs.

    Doing it on our own indeed can save money, but it never hurts to call for people specialized in this field.

    Most overhead door repair services recommend leaving it to the professionals, especially when handling dangerous tasks.

    Garage Door Pitt is a 24 7 garage door repair company located in Pittsburgh.

    We are the expert when it comes to providing garage door springs, repair and replacement.

    To learn more about our rates and services, visit the Garage Door Pitt website for more information.

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    Michael Williams

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