How To Replace Garage Door Cable

Are our garage door cables broken? Looking for a way how to replace garage door cable?

Our garage door cables have an unimportant role in the opening system of our garage door.

When our garage door cable is snapped, it can leave our cars, and we are stuck in our garage.

Good thing, some professionals can help us with this garage door cable problem.

Replace it now with Pitt garage door services; they are experts in this field.

Tools that we need if we replace our garage door cable

Be sure that we know how to replace garage door cable, and we know the suitable materials to use in doing this project to ensure our safety and not damage our garage door.

  • Locking pliers or Vice grip
  • Replacement for our cables
  • Some winding bars
  • Wrench
  • Socket
  • Ratchets
  • Ladder

We should also keep in mind that we shouldn’t wear jewelry and clothes that are loose-fitting. We should also wear the right suit, for instance, safety glasses, gloves, and boots. These are the things that we must wear.

Also, be aware of the minor frays and edges on the garage door links to avoid serious injuries.

How can we replace the cables of our garage door?

  • Take out and withdraw the carport entryway opener by pulling its crisis discharge handle. It ought to be a rope covered in red with a handle situated close to its top rail or opener contingent upon our opener. It permits us to lift and close the entryway physically
  • Open the entrance and utilize a vice grip beneath the base carport entryway roller on the two sides to hold our garage door open while we change the lines.
  • We must go into the focal point of our entry and extricate the set screws on the garage door springs with 1/4 turns. Make sure to embed the winding bars completely. Utilize the two bars simultaneously to forestall injury. Try not to impede the bars.
  • Keep on loosening up the carport entryway spring until the entirety of the pressure has been taken out. On the off chance that our entryway comes with two springs, do likewise with the subsequent spring
  • The whole of the force has been eliminated from the springs; take our wrench and start to release; we then set screws on our garage door cable drum at the upper left part of our entryway; at that point, eliminate cable from the garage door cable drum. Into the entry base, take our fastener and attachment of fitting size and eliminate the base lag screw from our frame section. Eliminate the base section; at that point, stop the lines from the area.
  • Put a new garage door cable onto the base section, string this line up to the cable drum at the highest point of the entryway. Make sure to complete this for the two sides of entries.
  • Supplement line into the opening of our garage door cable drum. Ensure that our cable is set correctly and not covering. Wind the line onto the garage door cable drum, and we should slide the cable drum into the bearing plate and turn the garage door drum counterclockwise until the garage door cable is tight. Don’t over fix.
  • While we are holding the line, utilize our bad habit of grasping pincers on a metal bar across the whole entryway against the divider to keep it set up. We must be onto the right side of the entrance and follow similar advances. After these means have been finished, we would now be able to build the pressure on the springs utilizing our winding bars, making sure to expand strain is ¼ turns all at once, not to overwind springs.
  • Eliminate the locking pincers from the metal bar at the highest point of the entryway and reconnect the entry when we pull it down crisis discharge and lift the entrance until we can hear it tap into place. When done, we can put the opener back in.


We can easily purchase the desired material for fixing our garage door cables.

But it is recommended that we always hire experts when it comes to improving these things to avoid any severe cases for us and our garage doors.

We should always put in mind that it is better to prevent risky DIY projects and pay a little more for the help of the professional to avoid more significant bills over time.

The pitt garage door services are always available to help you.

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