Know Your Garage Door

Know Your Garage Door – In order to perform troubleshooting we must need to know the different parts of a garage door, for us to familiarize ourselves with the various components of a garage door so we may have a convenient experience when entering and exiting our garage door.

The components of the garage door are not so complicated at all but they are made up of many fundamentals and essential parts

which can affect the movement and operation as well as the safety of the garage door.

Familiarizing ourselves about the basic introduction of the main parts of our garage door can help to fix and maintain our door.

By knowing the parts or the components of our garage door help us to identify and select the right replacement and repair of our garage door.

Also it depends on which type of the opener of our garage door we have.

That is why it is very important to know the parts and also the terminology of a garage door either for replacement or repair.

With that we can have a choice about finding the replacement or making repairs on our garage door.

We help us to select the main source of our garage door issues and help us to fix it right away.

Below are the main parts of the garage door together with the explanations of each part about the uses or functions.


Springs are the metal coils and have two components such as Torsion Springs and Extension Springs.

Torsion Springs which are usually located above the garage door and this spring get their energy during stretching and should be handled with care to prevent any injuries or accidents.

They provide the strength for the purpose of opening and closing our garage door.

Torsion springs serve as the spring system of our garage door.

Extension Springs are located above the top portion of the track on both sides.

The extorsion springs use cables and pulleys to pull our garage door for opening and closing purposes.

Our extension springs should be balanced to make our garage door run smoothly.

It is used as a safety cable and it serves as a pulley system of our garage door.

If we encounter the malfunctioning of our garage door we can immediately contact or call the garage door repairmen for the maintenance, repair, replacement, installations or upgrades of our garage door springs.


The extension springs have pulleys to support the movement and direction of our garage door but if the pulley has significant damage the best solution for that is to ask for help to the garage door repairmen to diminish our problem.

It is also important to be aware with the high pressure of the pulley and can lead to an accident or serious injury.

The garage door pulley malfunctions has been a common problem so we need to make sure that we have a responsibility for this like having a proper maintenance and regular inspection.


It is actually made from metal used for pulling and securing the object or materials to support loads of a garage door.

Loosening of chains on a garage door is one of the common issues due to the vibrations created by the weight and vibrations of the motor.

A loose chain can cause the door to leap the track.

A garage door repairman will do the adjustment of our garage door chain.

By tightening the garage door chain through disconnecting the power supply and by locating the adjustment will help the chain to work properly.

Also by tightening and adjusting the nut as well as reconnecting the power and by examining the garage door chain we can solve our problem.


It is the most important part of a garage door because it allows the garage door system to operate.

The automatic garage door needs power but during a power outage we are unable to use our door just like our appliances.

The most important thing the homeowners should do is to use the bypass mode operation by pulling the hanging cord.

By contacting the garage door repairmen in a garage door company to restore a power to the garage door system as soon as possible.

By contacting a professional we ensure that we have guidelines to follow and how to handle the power outage of our garage door system.

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Michael Williams

Michael Williams

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