Living in Pittsburgh Pros and Cons

Moving out from your accustomed life will never be easy.

For years, you may have relied on your family for your basic necessities.

But, there would be a point in time where you need to live independently.

Choosing a new home requires a lot of considerations.

Is it near work? How much is the monthly rent? Is the neighborhood safe?

Will I be able to meet good friends here? These are some of the questions you probably ask yourself.

There are numerous cities in the U.S. to choose from, and each offers a different opportunity, experience, and way of life.

Now, we may not know about the other cities, but if you are considering moving to Pittsburgh – then you have come to the right place.

To help you finalize your choice, we present to you the living in Pittsburgh pros and cons:

Pros in Living in Pittsburgh

Convenient and comfortable life

Pittsburgh is considered one of the most livable cities in the state of Pennsylvania.

In fact, The Economist ranked it as the top livable city in the U.S. and 29th globally in 2011.

Like any other urbanized city, it has established quality schools, public highways, thriving industries (especially steel), and towering buildings – catering to residents’ needs.

But the deciding factor why most people want to move to Pittsburgh is its low housing cost.

With the wide range of goods and services available, add to it the affordable cost of living, Pittsburgh can undoubtedly offer a convenient and comfortable life.

Good work-life balance

Pittsburgh is a highly industrialized city with businesses venture in steel manufacturing, technology development, finance, education, and other services.

If you plan to move to Pittsburgh, you might find job or business opportunities effortlessly.

But the most important thing is, this city offers a significant work-life balance.

Leisure establishments, such as parks, theaters, museums, and sports centers, are common sites in Pittsburgh.

These can reduce stress and burnout from your tiring job.

Cons in Living in Pittsburgh

Congested Roads

Moving to Pittsburgh can also have some disadvantages.

For instance, traffic has been an issue for years now.

According to the study of Inrix, Pittsburgh ranked 7th among the most congested urban areas in the U.S. in 2018.

But some experts believe that the study result is less drastic than it seems.

They say the study only considers the waiting time in traffic and not accounting the distance traveled.

Some Pittsburgh residents say that taking public transport can be tolerable, unlike in other cities.

Varying weather conditions

Pittsburgh experiences varying weather conditions.

But most of the time, the city is covered with clouds, and frequent rain happens.

Sunny days are less than the average.

And winter is not that extreme, unlike in other cities.

If you are planning to live here, it is best to prepare for varying weather conditions.

Setting up a quality HVAC system can be a great help.

Also, if you want to protect your car in the garage, investing in a well-insulated garage door is a wise choice.

In this way, you can save on energy as well.

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Your list of living in Pittsburgh pros and cons will undoubtedly help you analyze whether you want to live in this city or not.

Just a friendly reminder, though you can consider all the wonderful and unfortunate things in the city, in the end, you should follow your instinct because we believe that you can survive anywhere.

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