How To Install Roll Up Garage Door Manually

Misinterpretation and unwanted access can happen to any garage.

Whether you are having issues with the remote control or there is signal interference, it’s best to check the opener from time to time.

Garage door openers are wireless technologies that depend on signal waves to function.

What this means is that via frequency codes, your control device can connect and command the opener to open the garage.

A personal issue may occur in your garage from time to time.

One of the most common concerns services encounter is when “neighbor’s garage door opener opens mine.”

What can you do with the issue, and how can you prevent the same thing from happening at any time?

The first thing you can do is contact professional technicians to do the job.

Here at Garage Door Pitt, we can help you keep a secure garage that has no access to anybody else but you.

Let’s know the common cause of the issue to avoid the same instance in the future.

The openers share the same code

The most common cause as to why your neighbors have garage access is because of the same code.

There are hundreds of garage door opener models around the globe in the market.

The frequency of the opener models is different depending on the brand, model, and manufacturer.

All remote control devices have radio transmitters that send a signal to the opener, which has a radio receiver.

Sometimes, other remote controls send a signal which contains the security code to the brand’s frequency.

The opener tunes in on the same frequency and allows the security code on the neighbor’s remote control device.

After further verification, the opener opens the garage, and instead of opening their garage, your neighbor also opens yours.

The opener is an older model

Garage door openers have been around since 1926, and the device has progressed a lot through time.

However, older opener models are generally less secure than the newer openers now.

Old models from different brands are even more accessible to about any radio device since almost all these brands share and tune in on the same frequency.

Slow upgrades progressed the security of the opener.

Old models that have 8-bit binary codes that were more prone to access; hackers and intruders only need to hack in with around 256 code combinations to open the garage.

If your opener and operational remote are very old, it will more likely generate fewer combinations to protect the door.

In this instance, where your opener model has less than the modern 40-bit binary code protection, your neighbor may be able to open the garage frequently.

For this issue, consider a serious upgrade to the opener of the mechanism.

What you can do about the issue

There are many ways you can deal with when “the neighbor’s garage door opener opens mine.”

Here are some solutions for you to consider:

Reprogram the opener and remote

The first step is to reprogram the opener and the remote.

Newer openers have the “LEARN” or “SMART” or “HOME” button for this function.

Press the button and reset both devices so you can program a new code that the neighbor’s remote can’t access.

Upgrade to a newer model

For older models, the best thing to do is to upgrade the opener.

Many opener models are under budget but provide significant protection to the garage.

Choose a model that has all the things you need and tunes in to a different frequency than your neighbor’s model.

Call in services for assistance

Lastly, you can always consult with professionals.

For both old and new openers, getting an expert opinion helps give you the best recommendations.

Ask Garage Door Pitt for garage door services in this situation.

Book a service with our team to reset the opener

We are Garage Door Pitt, and we provide services in town.

Our team of experts and professionals have the experience and expertise to help you gain a more secure garage.

You can consult with our technicians at any time for help.

We can also give you the most suitable opener model recommendations based on what you’re looking for.

We also offer our garage door repair in case your opener has damages.

All you need to do is contact us!

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