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    What do I do when my neighbor’s garage door opener opens mine?

    That is the question we often receive from our clients here in Garage Door Pitt.

    Most garage door owners now use an automatic opener to control the garage door via a wall switch or a remote device.

    The garage door opener uses radio frequency to connect with its remote device up to 50 feet away or about five cars.

    There should be a unique code between the automatic opener and the remote control.

    So if your neighbor’s garage door opener opens your garage door, then there are probably some issues that you should resolve.

    Here are some of the possible reasons why your garage door opens with your neighbor’s garage door opener and their corresponding solutions.

    Accidental Exchange of Remote Device

    If you and your neighbor have the same model of garage door openers, your remote devices might also be the same.

    So if you often hang out at your neighbor’s place, there might be a chance that you have switched your garage door opener’s remote control.

    So it is best to ask your neighbor to test each other’s garage door opener.

    Then to avoid this incident again, you can put a marker, such as a sticker or accessory, on your remote control.

    Radio Frequency Issue

    As mentioned, a garage door opener responds to its remote device through radio frequencies.

    If your neighbor can open your garage door, there is a high chance that you have accidentally programmed with the same channel.

    Although a radio frequency issue is rare, older garage door opener models often experience this problem.

    There are two best solutions to get rid of this radio frequency issue.

    First, if you have an outdated garage door opener, it is best to replace it with a modern model.

    Aside from your neighbor’s garage door opener, the radio frequency of your outdated garage door opener can receive interference from electronic devices, electrical transformers, radio equipment from airports.

    Second, you can reprogram your garage door opener.

    And to be sure, you can also ask your neighbor to do the same.

    The steps on how to reprogram your garage door opener are available in the unit’s manual.

    Or you can follow our general guide on how to reprogram a garage door opener.

    How to Reprogram a Garage Door Opener

    1. To reset previously programmed buttons, press the LEARN button on the unit placed at the top of the ceiling for about six seconds or until its LED indicator turns off.
    2. Click the buttons of the remote device to check if the opener has been indeed reset.
    3. To start reprogramming remote buttons, gently press the LEARN button again.
    4. After pressing the LEARN button, immediately press and hold the button of the handheld remote device you wish to program for about three seconds.
    5. The indicator light on the remote device will turn off, or the indicator light on the opener unit will blink to show successful programming.
    6. Repeat the steps for the other buttons in the remote device.
    7. Don’t forget to test each button and check if your neighbor can open your garage door.

    Again, note that these are just the general guidelines in reprogramming your garage door opener.

    The steps for garage door reprogramming may differ depending on the model or brand.

    If reprogramming your garage door did not solve the issue, it is best to let a garage door expert inspect your garage door opener.

    Here at Garage Door Pitt, we are your trusted comrade for any garage door opener issue.

    With our advanced fault-finding techniques, you can guarantee that your garage door will only respond to your handheld remote device and no one else.

    All-Inclusive Garage Door Services

    Garage Door Pitt offers comprehensive garage door services in Pittsburgh and nearby cities and towns.

    Aside from repairing a faulty garage door opener, our garage door repair service can also fix the following garage door problems:

    • Misaligned track
    • Dented garage door panel
    • Worn-out cables
    • Broken springs
    • Noisy garage doors
    • Faulty garage door sensors
    • Opener wiring problems

    Our team of garage door technicians will definitely provide excellent garage door services in Pittsburgh.

    Moreover, we also offer garage door installation for those who wish to have a garage door for the first time or those who want to replace their old ones.

    Contact our staff today at Garage Door Pitt and expect us to arrive with the complete set of tools and protective gear.

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