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    Repairing Damaged Garage Door Rollers

    A garage door has many functions useful to your home and your family.

    Aside from its primary purpose of keeping your car safe and secured, it is also a security measure against intruders, forcible entries, and even robberies.

    A garage door is also a convenient home implement, which also increases the value of your home.

    But with all of those laid down, it’s imperative for homeowners to keep their garage doors in great shape.

    An annual routine inspection and garage door maintenance can keep your garage door working.

    It will also allow you to identify and attend to any possible issues in your garage door.

    By doing so, you can prevent damage that may be detrimental to your garage door.

    You can also prevent garage door repairs since they can be quite costly.

    However, residential garage doors may sometimes break and malfunction.

    Despite annual inspection and regular maintenance, garage doors may break due to ordinary wear and tear.

    But don’t worry, because garage door experts and professional technicians can fix your garage door.

    Many residential areas, like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have garage door repair companies available.

    If your garage door is not working, there may be some problems regarding the rollers.

    The rollers are responsible for keeping your garage door in balance.

    It’s also responsible for the overall stability of the garage door system.

    What’s with garage door rollers?

    Garage door rollers are responsible for keeping your garage door intact and perfectly balanced.

    A poorly maintained garage door could lead to a faulty, jerky, and even dysfunctional garage door.

    Of course, no one wants that since it is very inconvenient.

    How do garage door rollers get damaged?

    Many factors contribute to the damage of garage door rollers. These include the height and weight of the garage door itself.

    If it is heavier and taller, the garage door exerts more pressure on the rollers.

    The material of the roller can also be the cause of the damage to your garage door.

    Nylon rollers are more prone to wear and tear.

    So if you are considering replacing your rollers, it’s more practical to opt for steel rollers.

    They are more durable and last longer than nylon rollers.

    The rollers can also stop functioning if it does not get regularly lubricated.

    Since rollers are constantly moving gears, they need to be lubricated.

    If you neglect applying lubricants to the rollers, this may cause rusting.

    How to determine if the rollers of your garage door are broken?

    If any of the following signs occurred, it’s high time you replace your garage door rollers.

    • Popping sound – a well-installed garage door should produce minimal sound when opening. If your garage door makes a weird popping sound every time you open it, your rollers need some replacing.
    • Loose rollers – rollers should be intact and properly adjusted
    • Rust – if due to low maintenance or failure to lubricate, rust may appear on the garage door rollers

    How to fix garage door rollers?

    Usually, garage door fixes are done by mechanical experts and professional technicians.

    For quick fixes, here are four basic techniques to fix the rollers of your garage door.

    Check the garage door springs

    It all comes to inspection and maintenance.

    If your garage door is not correctly working, check the torsion springs.

    Broken torsion springs are hazardous.

    It’s best to leave this job to a professional garage door technician to prevent accidents and injuries.

    Check the garage door opener chain

    Make sure that the chains are intact and well-kept.

    Loose openers can lead to an imbalance garage door.

    It would be best if you also lubricated your chains regularly to keep it in perfect condition.

    Tighten the nuts and bolts

    If your garage door rollers are not working, check if there are any loose nuts and bolts that need tightening.

    Regular use can cause the nuts and bolts to come loose over time.

    Tightening them is an easy job.

    However, not doing so may cause more damage to your garage door as it may eventually derail the door off of the tracks.

    For expert garage door repair services, call your trusted garage door company in Pittsburgh.

    If you are looking for a renovation, replacement, or installation, your trusted garage door company can also do the job for you.

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