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    Residential Garage Door Repair Services Pittsburgh, PA

    A garage door is a security mechanism to keep away thieves from stealing your car and other belongings.

    Moreover, it also protects your vehicle from harsh weather conditions and other external threats.

    But, nowadays, a garage door does not only provide security but also enhances curb appeal.

    Most homeowners choose to complement their garage door design into the overall style of their house.

    In this way, they can increase their property’s value.

    Residential Garage Door

    Residential garage doors come into different types.

    The typical overhead door, seen with most garage door owners, is the one with rollers and an automated system.

    It uses a remote to open and close the garage even at a distance.

    Another choice is a garage door roll-up.

    Its panel rolls at the top of the garage door, saving up an overhead space.

    Meanwhile, others vary in material, usually aluminum, steel, and wood – each having an advantage over the other.

    Aluminum is the better choice for affordability, while steel is more durable, and wood is the best for aesthetics.

    However, over the years, a garage door will suffer from damages – may it be from an accident or wear and tear.

    Whenever it happens, calling experts for a garage door repair is the best course of action.

    But, the question is, when do you need them?

    When is the Best Time to Call For a Garage Door Technician?

    When your garage door stops working all of a sudden, looking for the root of the problem might be a challenge for you.

    So to guide you, here are some of the common garage door problems that require a technician:

    Garage Door Opener is Not Working

    When your power-dependent garage door’s remote suddenly stops working, and the batteries are not the issue – most likely, you have a reception problem.

    A technician can install a new circuit board or an external receiver to upgrade the garage door’s frequency.

    Moreover, he can also extend your antenna for better reception.

    Broken Parts

    A garage door contains hardware, fasteners, cables, and other parts that can break due to impact or old age.

    Sometimes, spotting faults in these parts can be difficult.

    Broken rollers, loose hinges, and old cables need a professional inspection to assess their possible damage to the system.

    It is also necessary to replace these faulty garage door parts to avoid mishaps in the future.

    Misaligned Track

    Every time you open or close the garage door, the track should be aligned properly as the door moves.

    A misaligned track can cause your garage door to have gaps with the floor when it is closed.

    Once ignored, it could become a security issue.

    Repairing them requires a professional’s touch.

    Thus, you can rely on a garage door technician to align your door for you.

    Residential Garage Door Repair Services Pittsburgh, PA

    Whenever you encounter these garage door issues, Garage Door Pitt gives the best and the most affordable residential garage door repair services in Pittsburgh, PA.

    Our professional technicians have dedicated years of study and training to develop quick and efficient methodologies.

    From a simple inspection up to an extensive garage door installation, we promise to bring you top-rated and quality services.

    Garage Door Pitt has established a reputable name among the residents of Pittsburgh, PA.

    We have regular clients who keep coming back for our services whenever they have garage door problems.

    So, if you need residential garage door repair services in Pittsburgh, PA, contact our team without hesitation.

    Prompt and Reliable Garage Door Service Provider

    After your call, our friendly and service-oriented technicians will be at your front yard at the earliest time possible.

    You can count on us to finish the job safely and flawlessly.

    We equip ourselves with the right protective gear and tools to avoid accidents from happening.

    Moreover, we comprehensively studied safety regulations in working with garage doors.

    Also, we make sure to comply with the local policies in Pittsburgh, PA.

    Our delighted customers can guarantee our prompt and reliable garage door services.

    We can also work with businesses to inspect, install, or repair their commercial garage door.

    For excellent and affordable garage door repair services in Pittsburgh, PA, Garage Door Pitt always got your back!

    Call us now and ask for a quote!

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    Michael Williams

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