Roll-up Garage Doors

Roll-up Garage Doors

Roll-up garage doors are commonly used for commercial, whether it’s for your mini storage facility or mall.

They can also protect your home since they are durable, offer safety and security.

If these are the things you need in an overhead door, read on to know more about roll-up garage doors.

Find out if they are for you and where to install them in Pittsburgh.

All About Roll-up Garage Doors

Roll-up garage doors are horizontal metal sheets that gather into a roll when you open them.

They are either made of steel, wood, or fiberglass.

Their size can vary from 8 x 7 feet to 20 x 20 ft.

If you want to install it for your building or your house, you can customize it based on your needs.

Most roll-up garage doors come with tensioners that allow you to adjust the springs, door latches, and ball bearings.

Moreover, roll-up garage doors also come in different types: steel and section door.

Here’s a brief description for each: 

  1. Section Doors – This type of overhead door comes with 4 to 5 large horizontal panels that are connected and rolled together when the door is open.
    You can see them in large facilities and warehouses because of the large size.
  2. Rolling Steel Doors – In contrast with section doors, rolling steel doors only come with one panel.
    It also has the same mechanism as section doors that roll up to the ceiling when the door opens.

If you want to customize the color and size you want, you can do so with a rolling steel door.

Since it is made of steel, you can also opt to include an insulation feature.

Advantages of Roll-up Garage Doors

When it comes to roll-up overhead doors, there are tons of benefits you can enjoy.

Whether it’s safety, durability, or security, a roll-up overhead door can provide all of it.

  1. What every homeowner and business owner wants in a garage door is affordability. 

With roll-up overhead doors, you can buy them for an affordable price without compromising the quality.

They also last longer that can survive for up to 30 years.

Therefore, it’s a worthy investment when buying a roll-up overhead door.

Who doesn’t want to buy a garage door that is affordable and durable at the same time, right?

  1. Roll-up garage doors are easy to maintain.
    Thus, there’s no reason you should neglect maintenance.

Once you maintain a roll-up door, you won’t have to worry about injuries and accidents.

Maintenance can spot the issues early on, which requires you to fix the damage right away.

  1. If you choose a rolling steel door, it will provide insulation to your building or house.
    In short, it regulates the temperature inside your building.

Note that not all roll-up doors have this type of feature as it will vary according to the material or package.

Make sure to choose a steel type, and ask your local emergency garage door service to incorporate insulation to your roll-up door.

  1. You can use a roll-up door for residential and commercial buildings. 

If your building is a mixed residential and commercial type, you can use a roll-up door.

This type of building usually has business on the first floor and residential on the second floor.

With this type of set up, you can install a roll-up door on the first floor, protecting both your home and business.

Since they are durable, safe, and customizable, you can also see them in warehouses, malls, and distribution centers.

  1. Roll-up garage doors are durable.
    They can last for up to thirty years when they’re well-maintained.

Disadvantages of Roll-up Garage Doors

Despite tons of benefits, roll-up doors are not perfect.

These are the disadvantages:

  1. You need to paint the roll-up door before installing it in your building.
  2. Roll-up overhead doors are tricky and challenging to install.
    Hence, ask help from a commercial garage door repair company to install it for you.
    You can have a look at how a roll-up door is installed.
  3. There are limitations when customizing a roll-up garage door. 
  4. If you want an insulated roll-up door, note that it is heavier than regular overhead doors.

Are Roll-up Garage Doors for You?

There are many advantages compared to their downsides when it comes to roll-up garage doors.

However, the choice will be up to you if you want to have a garage door installation.

If you want help in deciding the best type of roll-up garage door for you or a garage door installation, you can count on Garage Door Pitt.

Call us anytime, and we’ll assist you.

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