Slow Opening Garage Door

Slow Opening Garage Door? Here’s What You Can Do – Garage doors are practically our best friends when it comes to guarding our homes, our most prized possessions, and, of course, cars.

With everyday use, the overhead doors going up and down for as much as we need it, we can expect gradual wear and tear, which can only be overcome through regular checkups and maintenance.

Eventually, we might need to call for a Garage door repair company for help, especially if the accumulated problems are beyond our capacity to resolve.

What can we do if we notice our garage doors opening and closing slowly like it never did before?

Before calling the Overhead door repair team for assistance, here are some things we should know about.

How long are the usual opening and closing times?

We could be in such a hurry, and if there’s anything we learned from high school physics despite the droning voice of our teacher, it is that time is relevant to the motion.

To put it in less complicated and more applicable terms: we feel like everything is going slower when we are in a rush.

This scenario pretty much explains our garage door dilemma.

So, how long should our garage doors take to open or close? 12 to 15 seconds is the average time, and if we are hoping for shorter than that, we might need to consider overhauling our garage door.

Beyond 20 seconds, meanwhile, indicates that we should have it checked and possibly, service.

So instead of impatiently waiting while tapping our fingers on the dashboard, we can look over our watch and count the seconds it will take for the garage door to open.

Inspect and lubricate the moving parts

Note that the moving parts of our garage doors need lubrication to achieve smoothness in performance.

These same parts may lose their lubrication through constant use, causing the garage doors to open or close at a much slower pace.

Applying the proper amount of lubrication in hinges, brackets, and tracks can make it perform well again.

However, we should not use too much lubrication as this, in turn, can cause more dirt and dust to stick to the parts and might result in more complex problems.

Keep checking for other causes

If the lubrication did not work its wonders to our garage door, we should look for other possible causes of it slowing down.

Due to our day-to-day use, other essential parts like springs, pulleys, and cables can unexpectedly malfunction if left unchecked for a long time.

A good precautionary step to this disaster and potential inconvenient calls for a Garage door emergency fix is to inspect these crucial parts as soon as we notice the doors slowing down than we expected.

When it comes to ensuring the well-maintained condition of our garage doors, we can never overdo such preventive measures.

It is highly recommended to note any minute changes we noticed in our garage doors’ functioning.

Seek a trusted professional and choose a reliable garage door maintenance partner

After inspecting the causes for our overhead door slowing down, and then trying as much as we can to get it back to normal and still doesn’t work as expected, the next best step is to request the help of the professionals.

A quick call to your local garage door restoration team can bring us the reassurance we need after a lost battle in getting our garage doors to work faster.

Locate a reliable Garage door repair in Pittsburgh to receive the best possible service in fixing your garage doors to open more quickly than ever.

With our trusted maintenance partners’ help, we can get our garage doors to work quicker than ever.

As most of our lives in this modern world require consistent efficiency and productivity, the last thing we want to see ourselves doing is staring at the sloth-like motion of our garage doors as we wait for it to let us through.

Imagine losing precious time when preventing it from happening in the first place is within our control.

Get your garage door at the top of its game by connecting with your local service providers and jumping into the bottomless pool of tips and tricks to deal with your garage-related predicaments.

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Michael Williams

Michael Williams

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