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    Top 3 Garage Door Failures

    Top 3 Garage Door Failures – A garage door sure has a lot of advantages to your home and family.

    Aside from keeping your car safe, the functionality of a garage door is more than just that. It can keep your things secured and safe, especially those you do not make use of every day.

    You can also rely on a modern automatic garage door for its energy-saving technology.

    Since Pittsburgh is usually rainy, the weatherstripping attached to the bottom of your garage door can prevent rainwater from penetrating your garage.

    And in the summer, it can also preserve the coolness inside your garage while avoiding the heat from entering.

    An automatic garage door can also make your life easier.

    New homeowners opted to install a modern and electric overhead garage door because it’s more convenient.

    Some who previously have traditional garage doors are shifting to the latest modern upgrades.

    It’s easier to use and makes life more convenient.

    Common garage door failures

    However, it’s definitely a pain in the neck if your garage door suddenly stops working.

    If anything, a malfunctioning garage door is far from convenient and making your life easier.

    Here are the top three garage door failures and how to fix them.

    Broken springs

    Your garage door is made up of many moving gears and parts, and among those are the torsion springs.

    They are under an extreme amount of pressure.

    It basically holds the weight and force of the garage door when lifting and closing it.

    Usually, the standard torsion springs can last up to 10,000 cycles, and that’s approximately five years.

    However, if you use your garage door more often, you can expect a shorter lifespan.

    Broken torsion springs are hazardous.

    To prevent accidents and injuries, refrain from touching or attempting to repair broken torsion springs.

    You should call an expert to take a look at the garage door.

    They are also more equipped and skilled in handling broken garage door torsion springs.

    Broken cables

    Due to use and ordinary wear and tear, cables can either snap or fray.

    When the torsion springs break, usually the cables also break.

    Another indicator of a broken cable is that your door is not balanced properly.

    If the garage door does not stay in place when opened, you may want to check on the cables.

    In the case of an off-angled garage door, make sure you contact a professional technician immediately.

    As much as possible, refrain from opening the garage door when the cables are broken because the door may immediately fall, which is extremely dangerous.

    Sticking rollers

    The rollers attached to the door allow for the smooth and easy lifting and lowering of the garage door.

    If the rollers are sticking, you should immediately attend to this.

    Sticking rollers can cause your garage doors to come off the tracks.

    Another indicator of stuck rollers is it produces noises.

    Usually, a garage door should produce little sounds when operating.

    If you hear clanking sounds whenever it’s opening and closing, make sure you check on the rollers and see whether they are stuck.

    If your garage door has come off the tracks, do not force opening and closing it.

    What you can do is lubricate the rollers. As for the tracks, you can use a rubber mallet to straighten it.

    Make sure that they are correctly aligned before you try opening and closing the door again.

    Other garage door problems

    Since a garage door is a highly technical home implement, some issues may be attributed to the electricity and power sources.

    If your garage door is not working, check if it’s plugged into the power system.

    Make sure that the batteries of your remote control are still working.

    You can always replace them with fresh batteries.

    If your garage door opens but does not close, another way to troubleshoot is to check if the sensors are working correctly.

    Clean the lenses and wipe off any dust and dirt.

    Check if there is also any visible obstruction that might prevent the garage door from closing.

    In the case of major garage door issues, it’s better that you consult a garage door technician.

    There are many well-renowned garage door repair and renovation companies within the vicinity of Pittsburgh.

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