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    Types of Roll-Up Garage Doors

    Garage doors offer a security mechanism for your car and other essential belongings in your garage.

    Moreover, it also protects them from external threats, such as extreme weather conditions and accidents.

    Investing in a durable and captivating garage door is a wise choice.

    Aside from protection, it can increase the property’s value by enhancing the house’s appeal.

    Also, instead of the typical sectional overhead door, you may opt for a roll-up garage door.

    Sectional Overhead Door vs. Roll-Up Garage Door

    Most households use a sectional overhead door.

    It is usually automated and controlled by a remote to work.

    As it opens, the door moves with the rollers and cables until it reaches the top – positioned parallel to the ceiling.

    And since it usually serves residential areas, its material can insulate the garage to regulate energy consumption.

    A roll-up garage door, on the other hand, is a popular type of commercial garage door.

    It has slats, usually made of steel, which rolls into a drum at the top.

    Unlike the sectional overhead door positioned parallel to the ceiling, the roll-up door saves up ceiling space.

    Moreover, as it is typically available for commercial establishments, it is designed to survive frequent opening and closing.

    Thus, if you want a more durable door and save ceiling space, you can also install a roll-up garage door for your home.

    Here are types of roll-up garage doors to choose from:

    Roll-Up Sheet Doors

    Instead of interlocking slats, the roll-up sheet doors use sheets of corrugated steel or aluminum.

    It is ideal for facilities that require lighter-duty activities, such as retail spaces, small storages, and outbuildings.

    It typically comes with a rigid support bracket with bearings to prevent damages due to constant door tension.

    Furthermore, depending on the material, it can offer insulation and withstand heavy winds.

    Heavy-Duty Roll-Up Doors

    Heavy-duty roll-up doors vary in material, such as aluminum, steel, vinyl, and rubber.

    It is designed for facilities that require high traffic and fast operations.

    Warehouses, freight buildings, parking areas, and loading docks are some of the establishments that mainly use a heavy-duty roll-up door for their security.

    Its performance improves due to springs with high-cycle life, sturdier brackets, engineered materials, and high-quality parts.

    Rolling Fire Doors

    A specialized type of roll-up garage door is a rolling fire door.

    It can detect a fire start-up and will automatically close to contain the spread of fire.

    Its interlocking slats, usually made of heavy-duty galvanized steel, are fire-resistant.

    But besides being fire-resistant, its performance is almost the same as the heavy-duty roll-up.

    What is the Right Roll-Up Garage Door For Me?

    Considering the types of roll-up garage doors mentioned above, choosing what the best is for you might be challenging.

    If you want a more durable but cost-effective garage door for your household, a roll-up sheet door is perfect since it is light-duty.

    But if you own a business, the best would be a rolling fire door since it will be fire-resistant.

    You can protect your products while operating heavy-duty.

    However, if there are budget constraints, a heavy-duty roll-up is not bad.

    These types of roll-up garage doors also come in different sizes, colors, and features.

    It is best to ask for advice from a professional when you are in doubt.

    Professional Team of Technicians in Pittsburgh

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