Warehouse Garage Door Opener Repair

When your garage door stops moving, it can entirely disrupt your warehouse operations.

This leads to downtime on your business, which can potentially lead to unnecessary expenses.

Moreover, if the opener is the culprit of your malfunctioning garage door, you need to fix the issue right away.

Fortunately, solving an opener problem is relatively easy.

Here are the most common opener problems and repairs for you to know.

However, if the suggested fixes don’t work, contact a professional in Pittsburgh for a warehouse garage door opener repair.

Problem #1. The door opens only when the wall switch is triggered

If garage doors open when you trigger the wall switch, check the sensors for alignment.

The LED light emitted by the sensors should light up when there’s no object between them.

If the sensors light up, you need to align them.

Watch this video on how to do it. Otherwise, you need to replace them.

Problem #2. The door makes a grinding noise

When the door is not moving but makes a grinding noise, the problem might be the main drive gear.

The main drive gear comes in contact with the worm drive gear on the motor.

It is also the component that is the most susceptible to failure as it can be toasted or blown.

Replacing the drive gear requires expertise to do the job.

While there are other articles online that provide a tutorial on how to fix it, leave the job to a garage door repair company near you.

Replacement of the drive gear is a bit more complicated for this component.

Hence, a professional should conduct a warehouse garage door opener repair.

Problem #3. The door is stuck

If your garage door is sticking when it moves, there’s a simple fix to it: lubricate the rail.

Rail always comes in contact with the trolley carriage. Over time, it can rust.

For this reason, you need to lubricate it as required.

Use a silicone-based lubricant to prevent dirt and dust from sticking to the rail.

If you have a screw-drive opener, apply the lubricant to the rail spots yearly or twice a year.

You can also use a lithium-based lubricant during the colder months to prevent it from hardening.

Lastly, apply the lubricant sparingly, whether you’re using a silicone or lithium-based lubricant.

Problem #4: The door won’t open

If you have a chain drive opener, tighten the chain to make sure the door opens.

Tighten it until there’s an allowance of ¼ to ½ inch between the rail and the chain.

You can also refer to your manual for specific instructions.

Too much tightening of the chain can lead to wearing and tearing of the gears and shafts.

This can lead the chain to jump off the sprocket and fall since there is only minimal tension in the chains.

Problem #5. The door won’t close

The knobs on the opener control the distance traveled when the door moves up and down.

The garage door should close without showing any signs of gaps at the sides of the door.

However, if the garage door moves down too much, it will bounce back to an open position.

Hence, the shaft and gears can wear and tear.

Your door should open in a way that the door jamb and the bottom of the door are at the same height.

To make sure this mechanism is functioning, inspect the movement of the trolley.

It should stop before hitting the bolt. Otherwise, you can ask a professional to conduct warehouse garage door opener repair for you.

Fix your Warehouse Garage Door Opener with Us!

Regardless of what issue you have been encountering with your garage door opener, make sure to ask for professional help.

Since we want our warehouse overhead doors to be working fully again, avoid doing DIY repairs.

If you’re hesitant and don’t have the skills, it might cascade to bigger issues.

If you’re in Pittsburgh, you can rely on Garage Door Pitt to serve you any time of the day.

After all, we’re an emergency garage door service for a reason.

When you work with us, you don’t have to stress about your garage door opener’s problems.

We have trained personnel who can deal with any issues with your garage door.

What’s more, we’re open around the clock to cater to emergency requests.

Thus, stop worrying since we will fix your opener safely and promptly.

Once you notice your warehouse garage door’s problems, don’t hesitate to call Garage Door Pitt!

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