What To Do When Garage Door Is Jammed

When activated by a motion sensor, automated garage doors are programmed to open and close.

These doors can run smoothly and efficiently for a long time without any problems with regular maintenance.

However, something could also go wrong with standard operation, causing your overhead door opener to fail.

A common issue with garage door openers is when it gets jammed.

It reverses and opens up when it gets halfway, whether the door gets locked or refuses to shut down.

When powering up, if your garage door gets stuck, it may feel like you are missing some of the fun and comfort of owning a garage.

It can often happen when your door gets older, even with routine operation and maintenance.

Why Is My Overhead Door Getting Freeze?

It is essential to take any safety precautions while trying to find out how to repair a stuck garage door.

These doors carry a considerable amount of pounds, and torsion springs hold a large amount of energy waiting to unleash.

So, it is possible to injure yourself trying to carry out illegal repairs without sufficient precaution.

Be sure to turn the opener off while attempting to fix a garage door that is stuck open.

If the overhead door can be manually pulled to a closed position safely before attempting any repair, do so.

Described below are some straightforward solutions to common problems that result in a stuck garage door.

If you cannot fix the problem quickly by using these methods, immediately stop and consult a specialist such as Garage Door Pitt to avoid harming yourself.

Do not seek to repair any garage door components or make rigorous adjustments on your own.

Here are some causes you might notice your garage door jammed open, and how to resolve it when it happens:

Poor Weather

Snow could have built up and put tension on your springs if you encounter a garage door trapping during a cold winter.

Even if you clear the ice, it may weaken the spring, which may need to be replaced.

If you do notice that a broken spring is your concern, seek professional help immediately.

It is risky to attempt to replace an overhead door spring by yourself; doing so might also cancel your garage door insurance.

Try to ensure that your door and its device components are free of heavy snow.

If your springs are not damaged or broken, check if the issue is fixable.

Stuck or Blocked Track

The garage door functions because the opener accelerates or spins the torsion springs, moving or dragging the overhead door along a track with rollers.

If the wheels’ free movement obstructs something in one of the ways, the garage door can be stuck open.

Scan to see if some section of the track has an obstacle covering or restricting it.

As an essential safety measure, remember to turn off the deadbolt before trying to clear any barrier from the path.

Torn Pulley or Cracked Spring

Pulling the garage door back and forth along the path and opening the door is essential for the pulley and spring mechanism.

Your garage door may not work if you have a jammed pulley system or a damaged spring, and if it occurs, you can end up with a garage door that’s trapped open.

Every torsion springs have a limited life span.

In general, a quality torsion spring lasts around 10,000 cycles when in use.

It’s time to call in a garage door repair specialist if you have a faulty spring or a pulley mechanism problem.

Closed Garage Door

Be sure to unlock the door before following either of these tips on repairing a jammed garage door.

If your door has a locking mechanism, before trying any other steps or calling in a technician, make sure that the switch button is off.

Weak Lubrication

A very popular and easy to fix why you might find your garage door stuck is insufficient lubrication.

As part of regular preventive maintenance, you can adequately moisten the track of your overhead door, the opener string, and the springs once every month.

Be sure to use silicone-based oils when doing so.

Defective Garage Door System

Your garage door system can be damaged over time, leading to a door that gets stuck open.

Your overhead door track can also be distorted by extreme weather and severe collisions.

If you detect a slight bend, you might be able to straighten it out yourself, but professional assistance is advisable for something more comprehensive.

Garage Door Detector Issue

Your garage doors have visual eyes that stop them from shutting down if they sense a barrier.

Bear in mind that extreme heat can be the obstruction in question.

If this is the case, to block the sun from impacting your sensors, you will need to develop what they called “eye shades” to protect your overhead doors.

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