Why Is My Garage Door Not Working

Why Is My Garage Door Not Working – A malfunctioning garage door during a rush hour can be devastating.

Whether you’re 10 minutes late to that important meeting, or finally getting home from the grocery is still a big deal.

With limited parking spaces on subdivisions and an increase in theft-related crimes, having a working garage door is a must.

As garage doors are a deemed necessity in everyone’s houses, one must know basic knowledge about their very own garage door and the common reasons why your garage door won’t open or close.

Should you encounter one of the listed problems and need to repair your garage door, do not hesitate to call our door repair company.

Transmission Problems

When your garage door doesn’t open, the first thing to come to mind is that your remote control is broken.

The batteries may have run out, so try to use the wall switch.

If it works without a problem, a simple change of batteries should do the trick.

So the control’s not the problem, check for the remote control’s ideal range, or the antenna itself, whether it is broken or something’s blocking the signal.

If the problem persists, you should try to reprogram the remote.

Electrical Problems

Some garage door problems can be solved, especially when the garage door is not plugged to a power outlet!

The problem may be a broken fuse or a circuit breaker.

Check the power source of your garage door from time to time.

Broken Garage Door Torsion Springs

Torsion springs of a garage door are usually the first thing to break down on your garage door; for a reason, springs have only a limited number of cycles of its life.

A sign of the spring of a garage door breaking resembles a sound of a firecracker, or a gunshot, which is loud.

If your garage door has a broken torsion spring, do not attempt to open the door, for it may cause an emergency on your garage door.

This type of repair should be handled by a professional with the right tools.

If you are in Pittsburgh and your garage door encounters a problem like this, do not hesitate to call our service for repairing your garage door.

Door Sensitivity

This problem can happen on newly-installed or old garage doors. If the sensitivity is not set correctly, the door will not open.

Please read the manual or the directions given to reset and calibrate the door’s sensitivity.

Blocked/Damaged Photo Eye

Old garage doors have a photo eye that shoots a laser to detect if something stops the door from closing.

Most photo-eye problems are those dirt and other particles that block the beam, or the wire might be cut or damaged.

Checking the cables and cleaning the photo-eye should do the trick.

Snapped Cables

Cables can also be the reason why your garage door would not work typically.

Most of the time, when the torsion spring breaks, the line will snap as a reaction.

Cracked or damaged cables may damage and harm anything nearby, whether it be a vehicle or even a person.

Just like the torsion springs, replacing snapped cables should be done by a professional.

The Door is Off Track

Standard on overhead garage doors.

If the door is off its track, naturally, it would not slide properly.

Ensure that the metal tracks have no bumps, bends, and obstacles dislodged that may prevent the door from sliding.

A quick realignment of the metal tracks should fix this problem.


There might be obstacles that prevent the door from opening or closing altogether.

Keep in mind to always clear your garage door from any object that may prevent its movement.

Human/User Error

Sometimes, the owner makes the problem.

A common mistake is that the Disconnect switch is turned on.

That makes the garage door would not open using remote control but instead need to be manually opened.

Check your garage door regularly and make sure that you don’t accidentally disconnect it.

Another mistake is that you locked the door.

If the garage door’s motor is working, but the door itself won’t open, you must have locked it.

Check the knob or lock handle to disengage the locks.

All listed are just the most common problems, and there are many causes for a garage door to malfunction.

When unsure about what to do when it comes to fixing your garage doors, you should call us to ensure safety and quality service.

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